Musings – Back to Translating~

Thanks for the comments on my previous post, everyone.

It helped =w=

Currently working on LDM 110, planning on finishing it tonight and at least two more chapters (DB & GCR) before the week’s out.

On to something that’s bothered me for a while. Sorry to those less versed in academic English grammar, but long story short: titles and the like are only capitalized when immediately following or immediately followed by a name, instead usually just left in lower case (MLA format). Fantasy—fiction writing in general, honestly—ignores this rule and uses capitalization to show how important something is. Think ability names, levels of cultivation, concepts, etc. You see it a lot in English writing yeah?

Well, this clashes with Japanese a bit. For reasons (good ones)!

To be a bit more serious, due to how Japanese assumes the target of what/who they are speaking about by context, you’ll often see titles (think ‘guild head’ and ‘village chief’) used by themselves with no name following. Now, I don’t want to add the name because I feel that level of localization would remove some of the Japanese feeling from the text. Even so, I’ve just been putting this problem off for a while now. I’m torn between ignoring what my writing courses have taught me and capitalizing or continue as I have been. I mean, a small bonus to using capitals for titles is that it is helpful to the non-native English readers as well.

(Note: I will never use capitals for monster names. It leads to so many issues in capitalization…)


So I put the choice up to everyone here!

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