Musings – As the Wind Blows

Alright, I’ll be typing up the week’s Schedule post when I get back from class (5 hrs-ish from now).

Until then, though, I’d like to just update everyone on some site-related things:

I’ve replaced all of the Volume 1 illustrations of Inside the Cave of Obscenities with HQ versions (~60% greater resolution) and translated/typeset them for everyone. ^^

Also… the dual hosting on MoonBunnyCafe will definitely be amping up here. Spent a long time last night copying over all of Lazy Dungeon Master, along with finally fixing my capitalization inconsistencies in the older chapters. Along with that, Happy Peach and Inside the Cave of Obscenities can be found over there now as well! The rest of today, save for the time I’ll be spending at college (yay night classes) and making the Schedule, is going to be spent getting the rest of my translations copied over there as well as beautifying my ‘group page’ quite a bit.

I’ll be posting chapters there slightly earlier than here from now on (just by merit of me being one person and it all needing to be done manually haha), but they’ll be here as well for people that prefer my site’s layout. NovelUpdates will be redirecting to there, however.

Doing my best to make sure no one’s forced into any troubles from any of this!

Hope everyone’s had a good day so far.


PS: Next chapter release will be GCR. Sorry for the delays!

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