LDM LN Volume 2 Release Date

For those interested, [Lazy Dungeon Master], formally known as [The Dungeon Master That Absolutely Won’t Work Before Indulging in Laziness] or [絶対に働きたくないダンジョンマスターが惰眠をむさぼるまで], is getting its second volume released on the 25th of July.

Again, for those interested in supporting the author directly, it will be around $7, $15-ish with shipping and tax included. The same is true for volume 1 (which I still need to get around to buying the physical copy of, hah).

Maybe I’ll work on the LN version if/when the WN version ends(or I catch up to it and the author slows down a LOT)? Wonder how interested people would be in that…

I really love LDM, if you guys hadn’t figured that out already… Well, I’m pretty happy with the news. Going to do another LDM chapter now.


6 thoughts on “LDM LN Volume 2 Release Date

  1. Yea! Go go ziru sama cook us another feast of LDM chapter *^* we are sinful for being gluttonous huehue

  2. Yeay! Thanks for your effort and work on the series, it as you say great story that I love as well. The Dungeon theme is one of my favourite themes and he does his so well, I love how OP golems and how he uses them in unique ways, something I have never thought of… they truly are OP.

  3. Go-Go author!
    Yeah, I love the LDM as well. I say you keep on the web novel until you hit a dead end on it, and then translate the LN while waiting for more Web LDM. That way you’re not splitting your attention between two different versions of the same general story, and you can give each version your full attention while working.

  4. To be honest, back when you were wondering which dungeon based WN to translate, I voted for the other one. At this point though I’m glad you went with LDM.

  5. Just looked and the WN is 170+ chapters with around 2 chapters a week. So its not like you would catch up for at least 6 months even if the author stopped posting now.

    I prefer WN versions to LN, because often small dark pieces are cut out to make easier for a larger audience. Also the LNs tend to make female characters behave more in a harem and feminine way.(like Liza from Death March) Therefore go with the WN version while it lasts.

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