LDM LN V2 Illustrations

Alright! Time for the new volume’s illustrations, courtesy of the folks over at WolfTales.ru for them as always!

I’ve ‘decided’ that I will translate the LDM light novels once I catch up to the web novel releases AND either one of these two things happen: the author’s pace slows down on releases a -lot- (to at least once a week/other week) or the WN reaches its conclusion. Well, depending on how the other series I work on are going at the time I may change the criteria, but I’m sure you all get my reasons ^^

Also — I would like to state this again: Rokuko’s form behaves differently in the WN version than it does in the LN version. In the WN, she is always a loli. No oppai. In the LN, her form (oppai-ness) depends on how much DP they have, an example being her in loli-form taking a bath with Haku.

Right, and I’ll be adding some easier-to-find links for these (and V1’s) illustrations to the LDM ToC for those of you that want to see them all whenever you want… for whatever reason that may be…

<Full Album Link>


Check out the Full Album for a super secret image of Rokuko at the end~

38 thoughts on “LDM LN V2 Illustrations

  1. I wonder if we’ll end up seeing the author make a mix up and accidentally put the oppai form in the WN when it was only intended for the LN. XD

    1. Dat mind rape face
      Stupidmander being stupidmander huh . I can hear the image screaming : that’s just sleeping !!
      “For whatever reason that may be..” ….he..heehee*nosebleed**hearthe fba at my door* fuuu!!! Isn’t it fine if it’s only in my head!! *runaway*

    1. right, i thought her as sena to dammit. that dekka oppai dammit. if only i can m****** it dammit.

      thanks for the meal dammit.

  2. I think I’ll stick with my mental image of them.
    Something seems off with the official illustrations and I’m not talking about the badly drawn boobs.

  3. Whoa. Rokuko’s form changes based on her DP reserve?! I guess if Haku lost all her DP she’s become a loli too? Male Dungeon Cores would start as Shoutas, and evolve into riajuus? This is blowing my mind. The original author had a really god though there.

  4. Why does Rokuko’s chest size change so often in these pictures? I thought she was a loli then the pictures come out and she is a fifteen-ish big breasted girl. Then back to loli?

      1. ah, I see. Though I don’t like that. It’s shameless pandering on the authors side to allow his poster girl to play to both loli lovers and oppai lovers. Stick to your guns man… Thx for responding though.

    1. I think that was brought up in one of the stories, Rokuko was stating that she would never wear such things. They had a little argument over it but it was too much work so Kehma gave up.

  5. *Mild WN spoiler*

    In a future chapter she demonstrates that she can change her size somewhat.

    *end spoiler*

    Thanks for the Ichika pics! 🙂

    1. Oh? I wonder if the author added that as a “I put it in the LN, let’s add it to the WN now.”–kind of thing?

  6. Dp dependent oppai size and adorable meat. This novel just leveled up more. I’m assuming by the end rokuko is going to have massive oppai because they are going to make so much dp.

  7. Thanks as always for the release. Best of luck with the real life pummel you’ve sadly been happening recently. Hope for the best. Hospitals in general suck. Been into and out of them with my grandmother going on2 years. Just gotta make sure they don’t forget your grand and that you are watching.
    Sorry about the long post , had a question/suggestion about the LN translation. If the changes are minor you could just add in anything that turned up new from the L N. As an example Shin is translating the new gate using both LN &WN .mostly the base being the wn and if any new content is added into the scene just add it into the front. I recommend checking his style. It might be something you could also do. Just wanted to say tanks again for all you do. Sorry for the super long post to, i shouldn’t write while on ambien.

  8. Haaa, a fully useless fanservice and Haku shouldn’t be able to move, unlessf the growth is something like Breast Size = 50*root5(log1000(DP)).

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