LDM LN V2 Illustrations

Alright! Time for the new volume’s illustrations, courtesy of the folks over at WolfTales.ru for them as always!

I’ve ‘decided’ that I will translate the LDM light novels once I catch up to the web novel releases AND either one of these two things happen: the author’s pace slows down on releases a -lot- (to at least once a week/other week) or the WN reaches its conclusion. Well, depending on how the other series I work on are going at the time I may change the criteria, but I’m sure you all get my reasons ^^

Also — I would like to state this again: Rokuko’s form behaves differently in the WN version than it does in the LN version. In the WN, she is always a loli. No oppai. In the LN, her form (oppai-ness) depends on how much DP they have, an example being her in loli-form taking a bath with Haku.

Right, and I’ll be adding some easier-to-find links for these (and V1’s) illustrations to the LDM ToC for those of you that want to see them all whenever you want… for whatever reason that may be…

<Full Album Link>


Check out the Full Album for a super secret image of Rokuko at the end~

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