LDM LN V1 EN Colored Illustrations

So around a week or so ago, one of the people working on EN->RU translation for LDM asked me if I wanted to work with him getting EN versions of the colored illustrations done. Obviously, I agreed. All of the cleaning/typesetting was done by him, I just offered the words! Haha.

These can also be found on the ToC page! As a reminder, Rokuko looks like this in the WN version of the story! The author decided to change her a bit (+10 years-ish?) to attract more readers for the LN. From what I understand, the change happened AFTER the index page and first BW illustration was already complete, so yeah~Rokuko has two forms in LN.

Thanks again to kind EN->RU translation people! He said that I shouldn’t leave credits, though… so yeah! Be sure to comment and show your thanks (I know they read the stuff here)!

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PS: Bonus colored versions of BW illustrations: one, two. Those two have watermarking from them so… maybe that counts as giving them credit? Should be fine to post them here still…~


57 thoughts on “LDM LN V1 EN Colored Illustrations

  1. Why would they go out of their way to make her unattractive?

    Jokes aside, at least they left Niku’s design alone.

  2. The illustrations look like they are from some generic Highschool Battle or Magic School story, with Haku as the even bigger titted senpai/older sister that Rokuko is determined to beat. Why does Rokuko even have a sword in that versus screen image? I’m okay with totally average, lazy Keima getting more of a shonen hero makeover though, mostly because it seems like even more of a waste that he sleeps so often…

  3. That “useless meat” attached on Rokuro.
    I think it may be better if she has 2 version of body. The bigger for official event like dungeon meeting or meet with Raku, the smaller when she in her dungeon.

  4. I magined their clothes to be a lot plainer than this. Especially Keima. Keima in my head is just sloppy and dressed in only barely passible manner.

    I also imagined Rokuko as ‘white’, an airhead oppai loli in cute white lolita dress.

    As for Haku, It,s not that different from my imagination except for that color.

    1. Look at the fourth image. He does dress sloppily. The third picture is just him in his adventurer suit.

      That said, I kinda want that ZZZZ shirt.

  5. Emergency! Detected an abnormality expansion in my “Magic core”. Request assistance immediately!

  6. Very different from what I imagined them…
    I imagine Rokuko to look like the dojikko type of Shinku (Rozen Maiden) and Haku is like the Onee-san type of Suigintou wearing red kimono/furisode… X

    1. Oh and my manners took the backseat to my lust….
      Спаси́бо comrades! Coloured WN Rokuko <3
      Beautifully cleaned illustrations! I wouldn't have been able to do better even if I tried!

  7. What kind of shitty illustration is that? Make me want puke,what’s wrong with the Brain of the illustrator?
    No a single character look alike their personality
    way too big boobs,that’s fucking ridiculous :/
    Rokuko is ugly? Looks like to me she perform face remodeling and boobs transplant 🙁
    Meat is…not meat-like at all,she doesn’t looks like a former slave at all.

    The Mc is too young and look too normal for fit his personality

    Please don’t put these illustrations in the novel:)
    Thanks for the effort though

      1. im going to second you on that Ziru. the way Rokuko speaks reminds me of Nagi from HTCB so it made sense for her to be a loli. and i personally think the designs match the characters so im not sure what LeTourist is talking about. i personally request for the illustrations to be in the LN

        1. The B&W illustrations already are ^^

          Colored ones aren’t though… just a personal thing though I guess. In my mind, B&W ones were meant to be in the text while colored ones go at the front of the book!

        2. Well,meat skin is glossy! Weird because she had been suffering for à long time in slavery(an hardcore slavery)
          Logicaly meat have dark circles(not really important),a skin damaged(or at very last a skin not pretty)
          Ok maybe with magic this problem disapear…

          My reaction is a little overboard but when i have seen that,my interest for the novel dropped:(

          On a side note why the hell kehma have a flashy sword?
          This is a golem sword right?made of steel,stone etc… Right?

          1. 1. The MC used the magic cleanup which erases all dirt etc which would help with Meat’s complexion and damage. Plus bags under the eyes and bad skin will go away with good nutrition and food

            Kehma can use the golem creat Magic to make it look like anything and it’s made of metal. Personally I think flashy attachments are dead weight on a sword. A plain sword is more practical and won’t break as easily

  8. Eh, isn’t Keima supposedly older than typical shounen hero?
    I imagine 24-25ish by the way he talks.

  9. The LN must be signifigantly different than the WN. Ignoring the *ahem* size difference, the scenes and details are just too different.

  10. Why does Rokuko have big breast in the color illustration but small one in the first black and white illustration? Does her body get a new form?

  11. I dont dislike the illustrations at all! As some already have said, Rokuko would have been fine as a loli. I did imagine her as an airheaded blonde loli, but an airheadedd big breasted loli works as well!

    But tbh, isnt Rokuko a bit too graceful-looking? Hmm….

    1. I always thought of her like Cirno. She looks way too graceful for someone who always suggests the most direct approach for things. It doesn’t make sense for her to care about subtle things like fashion and appearances.
      I’ve never understood the breasts thing. Well, kind of. It’s not like in the The Ten Commandments in the Japanese edition say “Thou shall portray every female above the age of 13 as smuggling cantaloupes.”

  12. Sory my bad English.

    Rokuko has two forms:
    •form a ten-year girl, when saves DP
    •and form of fifteen whore when she has a lot of DP

    I feel the same rage that you, but mayde let’s take a relaxed view of this PR move?
    The story is more popular, the more likely an official translation into English.

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