[LDM] Guild’s Receptionist-san Side Stories — Frequency



Please pick whichever option you would like to see me do.

Not releasing any chapters today, had a lot of things to do out of the house and I just got home. Figured I’d be at least a little productive and figure out how to handle her PoV chapters now that everyone understands what they’ll be like.

Also, I added this to the bottom of the LDM ToC—

Probably going to wait until some time next month before making the move to a WordPress.org set up if I decide to do so. Don’t want to rush in to it. Also, had to change my donation buttons. Apparently, we (translators in general) aren’t supposed to use the PayPal Donations button at all. We (translators, again) should be using PayPal Buy Now buttons with a set-your-own-price. Yeah.

Hope you all have had a good day!


(PS: Dragon’s Bloodline will be the next chapter released.)

12 thoughts on “[LDM] Guild’s Receptionist-san Side Stories — Frequency

    1. 5 chapters (where the fifth is just the second half to the fourth).

      First two chapters are huge, the rest are normal-sized.

  1. Intresting results so far, seems about even right now. Truthfuly I am happy with whatever, any LDM is so to read, unless there is a cliff hanger I don’t care when I get it, just as long as it will eventually be done, I am happy.

    1. most likley jibril level, seeing how she will never actually get her hands on meat (she sleeps in the holy tempel of futon, doing her sacred duty as a hugpillow for sloth, and is as such guarded by Darksouls level bullshit golems to protect the sleep of the great lazybones)

  2. I didn’t understand the last option to vote for (isn’t it the same as once a week)
    And I’m more worried about cliff hangers than translation frequency.
    Maybe it’s a good idea to just get over with it (= “every second release”).

    Regards b51015

    My personal opinion is that you should use a donation button and not a buy button. since even though you translate extra chapters when getting money, you translate because you want to (at least I hope you are), so the money is just a bonus which helps making sure you don’t have extra problems due to using time to translate (again I hope it does).

    GOOD LUCK !!!

    1. I think I understand after a quick look at IRS.gov .
      I still haven’t changed my personal opinion,
      But I might have done the same in a similar situation (well I haven’t looked up how it works here in Norway)

      Regards b51015

      1. After an arbitrary number (reportedly somewhere between 1.5 and 2k in donations) they sent that number in to the IRS as donations to a non-profit organization, taxing you around 30% of that amount.

        Buy Now button should just count as normal income. Well, it even clearly states in the FAQ for PayPal’s Donation button to not use it for donations to internet services.

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