[LDM] Guild’s Receptionist-san Side Stories — Frequency



Please pick whichever option you would like to see me do.

Not releasing any chapters today, had a lot of things to do out of the house and I just got home. Figured I’d be at least a little productive and figure out how to handle her PoV chapters now that everyone understands what they’ll be like.

Also, I added this to the bottom of the LDM ToC—

Probably going to wait until some time next month before making the move to a WordPress.org set up if I decide to do so. Don’t want to rush in to it. Also, had to change my donation buttons. Apparently, we (translators in general) aren’t supposed to use the PayPal Donations button at all. We (translators, again) should be using PayPal Buy Now buttons with a set-your-own-price. Yeah.

Hope you all have had a good day!


(PS: Dragon’s Bloodline will be the next chapter released.)

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