Lazy Dungeon Master v2 — Side Story

So this might get -really- confusing to the Novel Updates thing?

This is a side story from the LDM Light Novel. Even so, it’s on the LDM Web Novel version as the story lines up 100% here.

…—A bit ago, I put out a ‘call to arms’ to get the second volume of Lazy Dungeon Master, ‘toranoana’ books was selling a limited time side story. It’s small, but I must translate ALL the LDM things! Well, long story short he shipped them to me and it all just arrived today. PS: Kiza (awesome dude who literally walked through rain to buy it…) is now the ‘Ghost Editor of The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero’.


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Note: This chapter doesn’t count against the queue.

Hope you all enjoy the random ‘flash from the past’, deleted scene edition.


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First off: I know that the past 2 weeks I’ve been behind pretty hard. Going on a frenzy next week, stay tuned. This includes DB, which I’ve pretty much decided to assume a wait-and-see stance on. Donations will close for it until I clear the queue and decide how to proceed.

And as a small thing to make up for it… here’s a 4koma of 今日のケルべロス (Today’s Cerberus) that I got as an ad to go with the light novels. If anyone wants to typeset the TL (for some reason?), go for it. (Update: Typeset GET!)

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