Lazy Dungeon Master — Receptionist-san 1 Pt 3

Here’s part 3 since I posted the Hero’s PoV ahead of schedule.

Read some things that upset me on r/nt yesterday. This whole ‘poaching’ thing is a bit… *sigh*


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‘From waves shall all be torn asunder; the cycle completing as a new age dawns through the darkness. Before the omnipotence of reality itself, what are mortals to do but to kowtow and accept their fate?’
Hidden Among Archivist Tyrion’s Scrawlings
57th Cycle of the Gebril Age


8 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Receptionist-san 1 Pt 3

  1. Yeah some people are ungrateful *censored* *censored* that take the hard work of others for granted due to an arrogant view of self entitlement…
    I call it the “I’m special clause” where a person believes the world revolves around them and their interests.
    Yes they are “special” but not in the way they think -_-

    Don’t let the worlds trash knock you down keep up the good work! I didn’t even realize their was a part 4 to this, the receptionist truly is “special”…

  2. Wow…some of those comments…
    Lets face it, lots of people out there are greedy motherfkers who just accept everything they are given for granted as if it’s their right. Many only care about leeching as much as they can and when push comes to shove, they can easily insult the translators :/. I’ve seen a lot of these things happen with other translators that i’ll avoid naming.
    Uhh, and there were comments about Light Novels/WN itself…I cant even…

    Man, these comments pissed me off more than the whole “poaching” thing…

  3. While dogs bark at night is annoying ,it’s easy to ignore and will soon fade in the wind

    So why not listen to the wind instead?

    I,one of the millions of smalls butterflies
    making that wind ,am and will always be grateful for yours efforts,so please, don’t let the noise of some few stray dogs upset your mood

  4. umm… i suppose about the issue of poaching there is a big difference if the translator is making money or not through donation. (even if it is just some pocket money)
    if money is involved poaching is really bad, because the original translator put in great efforts to make it popular.
    if money is not involved i suppose you should collaborate. if the original translator doesn’t want to collaborate (i mean, you started the project alone, it is understandable if you prefer to continue alone) i don’t really know. i mean, in that case tranlating it is pretty rude and all but i do not know if it really is “wrong”…
    kind of grey? umm…. yeah i kind of want to talk about this to sort out my ideas.

    oh by the way the case in the post where the guy was skipping chapters just made me laugh. i mean, he was rude, trying to make money (i think money was involved), and he even had to skip chapters because he was slower. did someone seriously support him? don’t you get attached to your usual translator?

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