Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 3

No parts to this one, it wasn’t as massive as the previous two.

Please disable your adblocks on my site, there’s only one ad that will appear and it is located at the end of the page you are looking at, so it won’t interfere with anything.

It’s even pretty smart. Usually tries to sell me things I look at on… >.>


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11 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 3

  1. You need to talk with who ever is doing your adds. I disabled add blocking and I still don’t get anything in the space below the “about these ads” comment.

    1. It’s another ‘bonus’ thing they have… they don’t appear for quite a while after loading the page.

      So your page doesn’t get instantly spammed with ads on the themes that support a lot more of them.

  2. I disabled adblock and immediately got an ad about voting for Hillary Clinton. Just fount it amusing. Will still keep adblock off though for one of my favorite translators.

  3. Weird. I almost exclusively go to sites like this one and youtube. The occasional visit to reddit and manga sites. Gave me a good chuckle though.

  4. I disabled adblock for your site long ago, but I also clicked on the ads on every page…. Just wanted to confirm, do we need to click on the ads too or just it being open is sufficient?

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