Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 2 Pt 3

So this week I’ve been wondering how to handle the gigantic sheep in the room.

[Dragon’s Bloodline]


In all honestly, I’ve lost all interest in the series at this point. Even so, I have accepted donations for it (quite a large amount at this point) and really, really don’t want to drop it due to that. Otherwise, I very likely would have dropped it long ago. The story turned out to have too many timeskips and gloss over too many events (like the weeks Ria spends governing the start of a kingdom and preparing for her coronation!?). The moment that happened, the last strand of goodwill I had towards the series was severed. Add that on to the ridiculously confusing writing style the author adopted around chapter 40… well, looking back that’s also around the time my releases of it slowed down as well. I also just became very busy IRL around that time though…

I don’t know. I still don’t intend to drop it. But even the thought of wading through the quagmire that is its contents makes me put off translating as a whole for later, focusing more on schoolwork or doing things around the house or running other errands for my family.

For those who still eagerly await the next chapter, which has unfortunately been put off time and time again, I really do apologize… I’ll force myself to finish it by tomorrow’s end.

*topic shift*

Onikage Spanner (LDM’s author) just released a new series a few minutes ago about a Cyborg that gets reincarnated after dying to Truck-san while trying to save a young girl. The world he is sent to (because you know, Kami-ex-machina) has [Recovery Magic] and the MC wants his true body back.

The series currently has a placeholder title: [SFX Hero, To Another World (Temporary)].

I might translate the chapter—and the series summary—as a teaser sometime next week. Let me know your thoughts about it?

Well, don’t worry about him slacking on LDM. He’s still going to go strong releasing chapters for it. Still at a pace of one per three days, releases for the new series will be intermittent as he plans on writing it only to kill time that he has spare.

For now though, enjoy the chapter!


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19 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 2 Pt 3

  1. Sheer it and use the wool to make a giant teddy bear/bed then sleep on it.
    Also, you can kill it and make giant lamb chops. Mnnn lamb chops…

  2. Truck-sama kills even cyborgs at this point it might be better to just warp the truck and kill whatever menace there is with it. I mean even Bison tried at the end of the street fighter 2 movie!

  3. I don’t blame you, I dropped Dragon’s Bloodline somewhere around chapter 60 (I’m probably wildly off with that guess) as the series simply stopped having any real interesting spark to it sometime around or after the dungeon conquest.

  4. My advice on the hairy elephant? Stop accepting donations for it, finish enough chapters to cover what was donated for, perhaps some more, and put it in the backburner while looking for some committed and interested replace translator to drop the load to. Keeping translating a series that has lost its appeal to you will only be harmful, as 1)you will be prone to procrastinating on it, leaving its readers with this kind of long waits, and 2)perhaps it won’t be your intention, but most likely the quality will drop from your standard, which otherwise has been seeing a steady growth for your other works.

    As a side note: any news on Forsaken Hero’s new ending? Don’t tell me that the author, besides rewrting the 4th arc, made it so that it’s not the end of the story now… (still, it may have been not in taste of both the author and many readers, but I would have liked to read the original never-translated-and-now-erased-forever chapters.)

    1. Author scrapped 4th volume, started re-writing it, then stopped near the end on 3/13/16 with no updates other than the “I’m in a slump” life report I translated for people here a bit ago… so I’m still taking the wait-and-see approach.

  5. You aren’t getting enough per chapter in donations to make it worth slogging through a story you don’t like.

    Better to swap to a story you enjoy.

    I would close the donations and finish out the current stream, then offer it to any other translator who is interested.

  6. as i am not one who donated to that series, i belive i have no say in what to do, but i sugest to have a talk with those who donated and see what they want and how to work with this, fron my experience i only donate to what i truly like and want to see finished, that been said if that serie was canceled i would be realy disapointed, but with some sort of compesation i could leave on

  7. Simple answer.
    1. Suspend donations for Dragon’s Bloodline,
    2. Finish the donated chapters as extra releases
    3. Officially Drop the project
    4. Evade your determined pursuers until you make it to Argentina
    5. Live a happy life in exile, stealing internet from cafes to write more and more LDM

  8. Donation button for DBL still works when clicked on, even if the display showing amount donated is now NA/NA, might want to disable that as well, just to be thorough. It goes to a paypal page with “Dragon’s Bloodline Donation” at the top.

    I can understand growing tired of translating it, gave up reading around the time they reached the dwarves as it felt like more work then enjoyment. Can’t even imagine how annoying it must have been to work on.

    It’s unfortunate as it was fairly interesting and well paced to start with, and there wasn’t even THAT much sword porn in the beginning.

  9. I stopped being interested in dragon bloodline at some chapter I still have or should have bookmarked but too lazy to find.

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