Lazy Dungeon Master — Rec 2 Pt 3

So this week I’ve been wondering how to handle the gigantic sheep in the room.

[Dragon’s Bloodline]


In all honestly, I’ve lost all interest in the series at this point. Even so, I have accepted donations for it (quite a large amount at this point) and really, really don’t want to drop it due to that. Otherwise, I very likely would have dropped it long ago. The story turned out to have too many timeskips and gloss over too many events (like the weeks Ria spends governing the start of a kingdom and preparing for her coronation!?). The moment that happened, the last strand of goodwill I had towards the series was severed. Add that on to the ridiculously confusing writing style the author adopted around chapter 40… well, looking back that’s also around the time my releases of it slowed down as well. I also just became very busy IRL around that time though…

I don’t know. I still don’t intend to drop it. But even the thought of wading through the quagmire that is its contents makes me put off translating as a whole for later, focusing more on schoolwork or doing things around the house or running other errands for my family.

For those who still eagerly await the next chapter, which has unfortunately been put off time and time again, I really do apologize… I’ll force myself to finish it by tomorrow’s end.

*topic shift*

Onikage Spanner (LDM’s author) just released a new series a few minutes ago about a Cyborg that gets reincarnated after dying to Truck-san while trying to save a young girl. The world he is sent to (because you know, Kami-ex-machina) has [Recovery Magic] and the MC wants his true body back.

The series currently has a placeholder title: [SFX Hero, To Another World (Temporary)].

I might translate the chapter—and the series summary—as a teaser sometime next week. Let me know your thoughts about it?

Well, don’t worry about him slacking on LDM. He’s still going to go strong releasing chapters for it. Still at a pace of one per three days, releases for the new series will be intermittent as he plans on writing it only to kill time that he has spare.

For now though, enjoy the chapter!


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