Lazy Dungeon Master — Receptionist-san 1 Pt 1


Definitely remembered that I was going to do the [Guild’s Receptionist-san] side story first this week. Well, oops.

There’s three parts to chapter one in all. From the looks of it, chapter one is entirely his first stay at Sia.

As a reminder:

[The Dungeon Master That Absolutely Won’t Work Before Indulging in Laziness], Receptionist-san’s story.
※There is a possibility that your image of Receptionist-san will be strikingly ruined.
HENTAI gentleman’s (lady’s) element warning. It’s fine even if you skip this.

Enjoy Receptionist-san’s (Silia’s) point of view!


(~’.’)~ Read Part Here ~(‘.’~)

Dear Mother,
Once again I must give you my utmost gratitude for helping me to acquire Lady Seleth’s acceptance for my tutoring. She is strict and the studies she has assigned me have been severe thus far, but I can feel that it will be worth the effort. Although I am not allowed to talk about the particulars, with what I have gleamed from questioning her, she has gained insights into the field of formations that will prove to shake the scholars of the world for many cycles to come! I hope that I may one day be able to see the world as she does.
With love,

Anna Liburi, Student Abroad
643rd Cycle of the Gebril Age

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