Lazy Dungeon Master — Colored B/W Images

The people from the EN->RU LDM translation have produced some fairly professional-looking colorizations for these three images! Two of them were linked before as extras, but here they are again (+1) in all their glory!

Pretty sure this doesn’t count as not focusing on GCR this week? XD

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16 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Colored B/W Images

  1. I thought Rokuko is a beautiful girl with big boobs like in the color illustration but she is a cute loli in the web novel, what happened ??

      1. will the cute girl ever become the beautiful woman in the webnovel. imagining being sandwiched between 2 pair of boobs (Hako and Rokuko of course) that is just heaven

          1. that suck. well anyway i found a very interesting thing in chap 63 called hot vit lon in vietnam. it should be trứng vịt lộn cause i am also vietnamese and that is what ppl called it. i cant really understand how can hột=seed can have any similarity with trứng=egg

            1. I don’t know either, maybe author mistake? That’s the dish it had in the raw. I’ll change it in a few minutes

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