Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 96



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Sorry, just got some really bad news irl and I’m just going to translate LDM to ignore it for a while. Nothing I can do till Monday… 


17 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 96

    1. They often say you still get hungry even if your sad,despairing,or if life is throwing brick at you…( like me right now seeing my exam result and thinking that all my hard work was for nothing)

      And most of all ziru-sama himself want us to enjoy this so..i guess there nothing wrong with you being happy

      Ziru-sama fighto ! When you fall on the ground .take a rest and look forward . Once it doesn’t hurt that much start runing once again even if you may fall again down the road , because in the end that’s what life is all about

        1. Tens of thousands of people die when crossing the road evey year
          But we still cross it right ?

          doing nothing is an action in itself with its consequences .good .bad. or even both depending in the perspective

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