Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 95

Slow week so far, should change here in the next few days. July 4th I took off and played some Path of Exile with a friend as well as hung out with family next to the grill for a few hours watching/lighting fireworks ($30 goes a long way for them here in Sacramento…).

I had the LDM Receptionist-san chapter set up to go next, but uhh… I wanted to know the Hero’s PoV here. Sorry? ;_;


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“That damned Shea, leaving me in there blind like that. First she tricked me into diving all the way in without a charged seal and now she wants me to pay her for her troubles… hers!? It took weeks to remove that gunk!”
Demi, Distraught Thief
639th Cycle of the Gebril Age


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