Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 93

So I’m considering moving away from hosting to a account. I really, really want to get access to the site’s CSS. However, I don’t want to confuse everything with a major move and would like it to all just be back end stuff, not affecting any of you readers at all. Probably going to spend a good part of today looking into it.

Hope you all enjoy the unplanned extra chapter!


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‘Oh Lucine, the last figure any wretched mortal shall see; to stare into her eyes is to gaze into the abyss itself. Repent, for she may not be willing to guide the vestiges of your soul.’
Etched Upon a Megalith in the Holy City Lucania
Origin Unknown

13 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 93

    1. accounts are hosted by WordPress themselves, but limit what you can do greatly. accounts are up to you to host yourself (or through a third-party service), but let you use the WordPress site framework openly.

  1. If i remember correctly you can still add plugins to You can just create a plugin that adds a css file on every page load.

    1. Only if I get premium, costs around $100/yr. More expensive than custom hosting for and still much more restrictive…

    2. Nope, doesn’t support plugins (they’ve got a few essential ones pre-installed, but that’s it), not even on the Premium or “Business” plans. You need a self-hosted site to make use of them.

  2. Good luck with that. I like your actual theme and don’t see any need for change, still I get that its fun to be able to play around and add specific things you like.

  3. Maybe better not.
    The site works fine without brakes and the load on the PC , pleasant for eye theme with readable text, so maybe not need to change anything!

  4. You can just migrate your domain name, it can take a bit of time (last time I dit it it took ~1day), but people won’t see anything else, since they will still access the site via

  5. You did notice how Raising The Dead’s switch (now at DreamHost) didn’t go all that well, right? A large WordPress site with a lot of visits (like this one) requires a decent hosting plan at a decent hosting company.

    Also, you may have to do everything yourself: WordPress updates, plugin updates, backups, …

    The administrative overhead could be quite severe. It may be _a lot_ more expensive than Premium. Just make sure you’re really up for it.

    1. Yeah, I found a hosting company that would provide service for $8/mo but as you’ve said, it turns into a lot more work on my end. That’s why I’ve decided to wait a bit longer before deciding

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