Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 65

Heya everyone! Hope you’re all having a good morning.

Personally, I’m thinking about giving Dark Souls 3 a shot for an hour or two later today… I’ve never played the series before though. I’m sure it might unveil the M side of me.

That said, probably going to finish LDM 66 first? Maybe.


(~’.’)~ Read Chapter Here ~(‘.’~)


22 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 65

    1. >Previous hardcore gamer (pre-college life)
      >Watched people play DS2
      >Knows what’s about to happen

      Not planning on getting anything done in it. Just try it out~

        1. PC. Got a steam controller as a deal a while back (Like 40% off or something? XCom 2 special from a friend)

          Right now, I’ve kept myself from any and all spoilers about what’s going to F me. In games like this, I prefer figuring it out myself.

          That said, I know there are scythes in DS3 and one of my friends will give me the frost scythe.

          I am fascinated with scythes. Particularly frost scythes.
          In every game… yeah.
          Random fact — Ziru is an OC (in my mind~) that uses a frost scythe.

                1. I played the crap out of Evie on Vindictus!

                  Probably my favorite combat in any game.

                  It made you FEEL yourself as powerful!

                    1. Not much of a console gamer honestly. Mainly because I need/want a powerful PC for things I do (though I haven’t upgraded in over two years now…) though.

                      I’d actually like a PS4 because there’s a few exclusives I want, but… well, I really don’t have the funds for it. =(

  1. Umuuu!!! *^* I won’t dogene!! *^* I believe in ziru sama to bring out the chapter before I dogene for 9 hours (can’t beat kehma on dogene tsktsk iy really is painful to do dogene xD)

  2. Oh, now we will have to wait for weeks for the next chapter. I started to replay DarkSouls 1 since 3 weeks and have spend 200h in playtime and youtube lore on it. Its the reason why no more manowa did came out.

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