Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 58

And now to procrastinate studying for English midterm next week, right?

… Mmm, definitely shouldn’t.

No way.

Surely I wouldn’t.



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I was planning on having something a bit more official-sounding to give props to this dude for doing this, but well… I’m definitely about to head out and get some food. “Stomach demands a sacrifice!” and stuff.


Wolfich, a professional EN->RU translator picked up my work on Lazy Dungeon Master to bring it to Russian speaking audiences. He also works on Stellar Transformations and Upgrade Specialist in Another World! Currently, he has finished up to Chapter 6 of Lazy Dungeon Master in the past week, so his speed on the project is quite fast~

If you speak Russian as your primary language (or possibly you’re trying to learn Russian and want something interesting to compare between?) I highly recommend reading his stuff ^^~ Well, he says he hates communities and social activities… so be sure to head over there and force community upon him! Muwahahaha—cough—where was I? Oh yeah, here’s the URL:

Уголок переводчика

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