Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 56

Big homework assignment due on Wednesday, decided to knock this small chapter out before starting on it today. Hope you guys enjoy.


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If anyone has experience in creating a generic parser that’s able to read and evaluate something like [ A = (D * C) / A – B + D] in C++, or knows where to find a decent tutorial for one somewhere on the internet, I’d be grateful for the help. The previous assignment from my teacher had me create a generic List, Stack, and Queue from scratch and now we have to use that same assignment’s classes for this one.

Well, the faster I can get it done the more chapters I can release this week!

*stares at Visual Studio with dead eyes*

Meanwhile, in my mind: You should have started on this much sooner~

Shhh, me!  Other homework got in the way of that D:

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