Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 55

So I read “俺の剣” (my sword) as “剣” (the sword) last chapter. He tried putting HIS sword (not the magic sword) into the pedestal. What a difference two characters makes…


I was really hoping Keima’s thing just didn’t work right, too… egh. Bad me! BAD!


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13 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 55

  1. *spoiler alert*

    No, apparently the magic sword also lost its effect as a key after it is used even once. The fact that it cracked later seems to be a separate matter from it, tho. Keima mused on that on the next chapter. So yeah, Keima’s thing really didn’t work.

  2. Hmm, but the snippet that you showed in the comment section clearly said maken though? Or was that from another chapter? *too lazy to read raws to find out myself >_<*

    1. The snippet I showed was from a previous chapter explaining the mechanism.

      I checked it against the [then] current chapter, and they were both referring to the magic sword.

      However, I read “my sword” as “the sword” and assumed it was referencing the magic sword, as is how Japanese often works. (ie, say the least required to reference things)

      1. haha I do understand. Nuances like that get lost sometimes when you’re not paying attention or when the writer goes with that really weird an informal style of writing… *still traumatized by Arifureta and MT*

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