Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 50

Last chapter before I collapse. I’ll be working on Dragon’s Bloodline whenever I wake up next… Today was fun~ ^^

WordAds should now be officially enabled… I don’t know how much they pay out/how annoying/obstructive they are right now, so be sure to give your feedback. Think of this as a trial month for them? If they’re just bad, we’ll go back to them being gone. If they’re good, well, that just means more Extra chapters.

Everyone wins, yeah?

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7 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 50

  1. All these LDM chapters. It feels like I’ve struck a gold mine <3
    Because I kept pressing "Next Chapter" I thought for a moment that Ziru had made some backlog translations in the sly and accidentally posted them XD

  2. Nice, thanks for the chapter.

    The ending of this chapter feels more like a pause point while chapter 49 felt closer to Ledge-san (Younger brother of Cliff-san).

  3. The Ads from WordAds shouldn’t be too intrusive, but is it fully activated now? I only see a piece of blank under where the ads are supposed to be XD

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