Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 121

Heya everyone!

Long time no see (11 days!?), but I’m trying to keep LDM up to at least once per week. In other news, got a donation for it a few days ago (queue went from 0 -> 2). Question: Should I start mentioning donator names in those chapter releases? Seeing more and more translators doing that nowadays, but I’ve been asked by quite a few people to not show their name so… not sure.
ALSO not entirely sure if I have the time to release queued chapters for a few more weeks… this semester has been killer in the time required department. Well, I’ll 100% for sure do them as soon as I’m able to!

dies from homework

Next thing I release should be for The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist some time tomorrow.



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6 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 121

  1. I don’t mind if my name shows up in the donation.
    Like i don’t see how it could influence things for me that badly.
    Like are there any good reason not 2?

  2. I would say, unless they explicitly would like to be named as a donator for the chapter, say something along the lines of “{X} donators collaborated together and brought you guys this chapter! Thank you all!”. . . . or something. Or, “We had {X} donators contribute to bringing you this chapter today!” That way you can credit them for the donation, but also keep full anonymity for those who would like to remain so.

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