Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 119

Heya everyone.

I’ve been MIA this week (mostly). Sorry about that.

Quick explanation: Group Discussion class (last thing I need for general ed.), 4-weeks of preparation for a presentation with 5 other group members. Two days before the presentation (this Sunday), the people we had set to open and close for our group dropped the class literally as I was driving to our meeting location to do a dress rehearsal. Like… c’mon. Well, I had to entirely redo my section as I heavily referenced what they were supposed to do and wound up closing for our group. Had no time to translate Sun/Mon/Tues (night of the presentation) due to reworking my entire freaking part and wound up braindead on Wednesday, playing games the whole day to unwind. Started LDM yesterday and just finished it now (even though it’s so late…), so here I am!

Oh, and Blackdog -> Kuroinu. Because reasons explained in the next Schedule.


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Last time I’ll post an invite link for a while, but for those interested in hanging out and talking with other people interested in LNs and WNs (even YY for you Wuxia fans), I recommend joining me and quite a few other people with this invite link for the [Light Novels Alliance!] Discord Server! I’m pretty active in the server and try to respond if anyone pings me (as most people do I guess? lol). Umm… yeah! Hope to see you there!

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