Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 104

Next LDM chapter will be one of the Receptionist side story chapters. Anyone else notice how right after polling how those should be released I immediately fell behind on them? >.<

Since it looks like some people missed a proper story chapter, let’s just imagine I shouldn’t already have that SS done by now.


If anyone can get a hold of the text in the 4-page leaflet side story that comes with the physical copy of the Lazy Dungeon Master Light Novel, I’ll translate it immediately as a freebie.

Better yet, if you can manage to send me a physical copy of it the light novel w/ the extra leaflet I’ll add 3 chapters to the queue and translate the sidestory… Well, ordering now and getting it is mostly impossible. JP address only or I would have gotten it T_T …

So sad… orz

Light Novel GET! Bought it through Kiza’s awesome help while he’s in Japan. Whenever I get the copy of it I’ll get to work on TLing it!



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