Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 104

Next LDM chapter will be one of the Receptionist side story chapters. Anyone else notice how right after polling how those should be released I immediately fell behind on them? >.<

Since it looks like some people missed a proper story chapter, let’s just imagine I shouldn’t already have that SS done by now.


If anyone can get a hold of the text in the 4-page leaflet side story that comes with the physical copy of the Lazy Dungeon Master Light Novel, I’ll translate it immediately as a freebie.

Better yet, if you can manage to send me a physical copy of it the light novel w/ the extra leaflet I’ll add 3 chapters to the queue and translate the sidestory… Well, ordering now and getting it is mostly impossible. JP address only or I would have gotten it T_T …

So sad… orz

Light Novel GET! Bought it through Kiza’s awesome help while he’s in Japan. Whenever I get the copy of it I’ll get to work on TLing it!



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20 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 104

  1. Uh… so do you have the copy of the leaflet and need someone to transcribe the jp text or need the physical item itself?

  2. I’m asking someone from Japan to help me purchase a few LN now so maybe I can check with him on this first. Where are you staying at btw?

            1. Talked with Kiza on the translator discord, he walked in a store and bought it for me a few minutes ago

              So happy!

              Thanks for looking into it for me, though!

    1. Thank you for letting me know about them!

      Unfortunately, ID screening takes two business days =(

      The special offer (the 4page SS) won’t be available! T_T

      1. Oh just spotted the end of distribution date. 2016年7月25日(月)~配布終了まで

        If that’s the case it’s unavailable already as it’s the 26th In Japan now…

        1. Yeah, talking to someone actually living in Japan right now to see if he can get it… might try and buy it from an auction site? Idk.

  3. I’d just like to mention this Kiza person is not a TLer. Tyvm.

    lol there really was a post, someone just copy and pasted that last part and @ me on discord. Well anyways I’m home now so I’ll ship within the next two days.

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