Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 103

Going to start working on GCR now.

I need to fix previous mentions of “open-air staircase”… I translated it wrong. It’s just the literal meaning: “Staircase with hole through center”. Well, if I recall correctly there was a description of it as well, but yeah. I’ll fix it in a few minutes ^^

Had a little bit of good news yesterday, but also had family drama so yesterday kind of evened out. Upside is that the “really bad news” is -probably- not going to be “really bad” now. Just “slightly”. I can deal with “slightly”.



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“Where did the stone go… Ah! My head! I need to clean up my library some day… everything is all over the floor now. Oh, there it is!”
Lady Seleth, Enigmatic Klutz
644th Cycle of the Gebril Age

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