Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 102


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15 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 102

  1. I’m happy that LDM is getting alot of updates, but i’m wondering why DB is not?

    While i think LDM is OK, it’s easily behind DB (this is MY opinion, please don’t kill me for saying this), so it kinda makes me sad that there’s so much updates on this one only :/ DB is also already completed WN so it would make more sense(?))dont kill me again) to get it out of the way.

    Well i’m happy as long as i can read it till the end, so i don’t really care about the speed as long you wont do the same as certain TL did (points finger towards Arifureta), but i would just like to know the reason.

    Also i’m sorry if the reason has something do with the IRL problem mentioned earlier or if i sounded like a dick for asking this.

    1. It’s just that TLing DB is annoying because the author’s usage of words and his sentence structures.

      Wasn’t/am not in the mood for it right now.


      1. NP. As i said i’m happy as long i can read it till the end without it getting dropped/halted for weeks/months 🙂
        And i can’t really see why you should apologize? I’m the one with 0 Jap skills who’s reading this while you do all the job, so i think i’m to the one who sould say sorry 😀

  2. wow i’m sorry for what happened but all this chapters are… wow. don’t overwork yourself.
    when i want to ignore things (exams next week) i usually binge read instead of tranlsating… more relaxing

  3. Wow… thank you so much for all of your hard work! But Ziru, as much as I love reading LDM, I’m really worried you’re overworking yourself. Don’t strain yourself, OK? It’s all right to TL in advance and stockpile chapters too.

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