Lazy Dungeon Master — Author Drawings

The Dragon’s Bloodline chapter is beating back pretty hard, so I’m procrastinating my procrastination and looking around LDM’s author’s blog page on syosetu. Along with finding non-story related side stories, I came across three drawings he did himself of Meat, Rokuko, and Ichika. As a side note, I’m really hoping LDM gets an ebook published that I can buy to get images for everyone…

Well, here ya go ^^ (Names linked to original page)






21 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Author Drawings

  1. everyone except Rokuko is exactly like what i imagined, i don´t know why but i imagened Rokuko like the Loli that wanders with god in Mirai Nikki

  2. I like those drawings. I think the lazy dungeon master is a well written dungeon story. I enjoy stories about dungeons and his is so unique, I love the setting and concepts put forth.

  3. This is great! Everyone is exactly how I imagined them to look ^^. The author looks like he’s pretty good at drawing, wish I could draw that well.

  4. wow…. i got all of their looks wrongish
    I thought meat had brown hair, Rokuko had red hair, and Ichika had blonde hair ._.

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