Info Update — Time (Mis)Managing!

Heya, everyone.

I’ve been pretty busy this week and haven’t had much time for translating. The main reason is that I’ve been teaching myself how to code for Unreal Engine 4 (practical application of things I’m learning in my Data Structures programming class) and it’s taken up all of my spare time this week. Well, it’s also fun. Can’t deny that.

Thankfully I didn’t have too much planned for this week, but unfortunately I won’t be able to finish the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter before the end of tomorrow. Since both of the Lazy Dungeon Master chapters I did were really small, I’m going to set the extra chapter queue back to 1 for now.


While on the topic, I’m likely going to use all of next week to finish Guild’s Cheat Receptionist chapter 3.


Thanks for understanding and hope you guys all had a good week! See ya next time.


PS: Here’s the images I’ve used for headers so far. Will make a better spot for this later, but yeah. There’s an extra image of Albedo, dunno how it there…♪

20 thoughts on “Info Update — Time (Mis)Managing!

  1. That’s fine 😀 It’s already amazing that you consistently release chapters every week. Most of the solo translation blogs I’ve started follow release a few chapters at the beginning then die, or slow down to the point of a single release month if lucky. Thanks for your hard work!

    Also, I don’t remember ever seeing that Yukari Yakumo picture as a header. Or those Miku ones. But I did see this one that you don’t have in that gallery.

  2. I demand that the pictures be labelled for plebs like me who don’t know where all of them come from! (Just finished watching Overlord so I know Albedo now… but I still don’t know atleast 3 of the pictures Q_Q)

    1. A lot of them are just art. However,

      1: Albedo from Overlord
      2: Art
      3: Mio from K-on
      4: Xenosaga Episode III
      5: Yukari Yakumo from Touhou
      6: Art
      7: Art
      8: Art
      9: Shinobu from Monogatari
      10: Albedo from Overlord
      11: Soul Worker Online
      12: Miku, vocaloid
      13: Panty and Stocking
      14: Art
      15: Miku, vocaloid
      16: #3
      17: Homura Akemi from Modoka Magica ( I am currently listening to the Madoka Magica OST as I write this =3 )

      If I am wrong on any of them, feel free to correct me.

      1. 13. You forgot the Garterbelt lol

        14. She’s actually the Aircraft Carrier Princess, a boss in the Kantai Collection game.

          1. Also #7 might be Jibril from NGNL.
            #8 Reminds me of Pandora Heart… not sure why >_<
            #11 : OH! I always thought it was Yumekui Merry, but I know Merry doesn't use guns ever. So that explains alot XD
            #14 is Aircraft Hime from Kancolle

            And how about the ones Firu linked?

            Anyways thanks you two.

            1. I took it as satire. The average reader (non-commenter) would just read read read without saying thanks or even acknowledge who translated/ worked on a chapter and just expect more at a steady pace.

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