Info Update — So Soon!? WAT.

Hey all. I bought a domain name. Yay!

This is just the first step to the super-master-plan-of-awesomeness-that-totally-exists.

Sorry for spamming those of you who use RSS feeds to track the site. It kinda exploded when the URL was remapped~!

I was supposed to be asleep right now but, well… yeah. It wasn’t happening. Honestly, I’m looking into WordAds right now. Imagine a world where just viewing my site contributes to the donation counter*.

*And where the translator keeps it cleared.




Well, that’s all to be seen in the future. For now, I finally got a proper domain name. No more Runescape username haunting me! Huzzah!


7 thoughts on “Info Update — So Soon!? WAT.

    1. No, not just the kingdom but Worded Emperor Ziru, Ruling over the Bloody Dragon Kingdom, The Lazy Maze Kingdom, and The Cheating Servitude Kingdom, United under the Translating Yoshi Empire

  1. Indeed, gratz! First step of your grand master plan of making millions done.
    Good luck with the ad thingie! *Tried to learn how to get ad revenue but gave up cause nothing made sense >_<*

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