Info Update — Geez, So Many!

So I’m looking for a new theme (again). WordAds (WordPress’ built-in ad feature) is really good for not having audio ads, viruses, redirects, etc, so that’s great. However, they want me to switch themes to ‘take full advantage of it’… Grah! Well, I don’t know if I’ll wind up doing so but here’s a notice for everyone saying that’s what I’m up to right now.

Mainly doing this as an ongoing experiment… Each and every cent I get from ads goes straight into the donations pool, which’ll be voted on how to distribute (once it does a disbursement/whenever it’s going to… end of next month I think?). The end goal here is a win-win situation, more chapters for you guys and more money for me to live/go to college with!

Well, this is assuming I can even get this stuff to work and find a theme I like, hehe♪.

I just want to stress that this is all just a test for now! Yeah.

Thanks for reading~

Here’s a treat: Piece of LDM chapter 53


EDIT: Found one~


Hope you guys enjoy the new theme as much as I am!


No more horribly stretched out header images!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Info Update — Geez, So Many!

  1. I believe this is a great opportunity for you. Just pay for the hosting-related services and stuffs you needed, then save everything. You won’t know until when you can earn from translation works. Specially when classes starts.

  2. ~muu… I doubt it’s polite for ones first post to be like this buuuuut…. I kinda liked the old format better… *hides under desk*…… *peeking out* When compared with the old style…the white background makes my eyes bleed ;_; the blue-white links and their location just look weird to me and somehow the text size seems much smaller now… sorry *hides again*…. *peeks out again* ah… yes… I’m a huge fan of your work here… thank you for bringing us the wonders of LDM as well as DB and Forsaken Hero *bows deeply* *bows again… and again* please don’t think badly of me *bows*
    Jokes aside… 😛 I’m really glad you have a little time to translate again… hope classes won’t be the end of you anytime soon… and good luck with financing plans for the site
    Jaa ne~

  3. DIdn’t mind the new format until I found it has that “infinite scroll” bit that I really dislike. I prefer for there to be a set number of posts per page, I then know what the most recent X# of posts are, instead of this endlessly long list that goes back to the start of the site. I basically prefer for posts to be arranged on a page format instead of an endless list format.

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