Info Update — Face + Desk

That feeling when you misunderstand what your programming class’ homework is asking for and spend >20 hours extra on it…  only to realize that you needed none of that after you finish.

Oh. My. God.



*breathes in deeply*

*exhales slowly*

Alright. Bullets are efficient so let’s go with that.

  • These are in no particular order.
  • I’m behind on donations—and normal releases to boot—despite JUST saying that I wouldn’t fall behind again.
    • Reason: Misunderstanding homework.
    • Result: I feel horrible and it’s not from literally slamming my head against my desk a few minutes ago.
  • I can’t TL (much) this week.
    • Reason: Have an essay due for another class.
    • GCR still #1 priority, but I might use the little time I have to squeeze out the next LDM chapter (it’s tiny).
      • Haven’t touched GCR since posting first part of the chapter.
  • Black Desert Online head start starts this weekend.
    • Been waiting for this game to come to NA region for over a year now.
    • I need it. JP servers were nice and all for the 1-2 months I played on them, but I’m definitely not proficient enough to communicate that well.
      • English guilds were few and far between.
    • Will be wasting using my time this weekend entirely on it with some friends.
    • IGN: Ziru Asteri (Probably Orwen server if it still exists).
      • Feel free to stalk me hang out and chat with me if you’re going to play.
  • College is taking a lot more time than expected this semester. Here on out I have to reduce my weekly pace.
    • Yes, I am using some of my free time on Black Desert Online. I am a gamer, I need games in my life to function properly. And not explode or melt when I go outside or something…
      • First week; will definitely be spending an inordinate amount of time on it.
    • It hurts, but either dropping a series or alternating LDM/DB weekly. Not slowing down on GCR.
    • Donation queue releases max at 2/week.
  • I will try and do a sort of [Catch-Up Week] come spring break… which is—I don’t know when. Uhh… *checks*… March 21-27. If there’s anything in the queue left over I’ll finish it off, then release at least 2 extra chapters for DB/LDM each. Maybe more if I have time.
  • Giant apology to [Sinon Chan] for not helping with his story for the past… month(?) now.

Yeah. I think that’s everything… Just wanted to let you all know I’m still here and that I also don’t appreciate my lack of releases recently. Please though, understand that there are reasons…!

As always, I’ll be stalking comments to answer whatever if you guys have any questions. Thanks for reading all of the above ^^



41 thoughts on “Info Update — Face + Desk

  1. learning is priority, good luck getting what you need done, hope to see you somewhat alive after all that this week, probably should alternate if no one tries to help rather than leave one for dead i think. thanks for giving us a heads up.

    1. Yeah I really don’t want to abandon a series at all if I can avoid it.

      1 chapter per series every other week is a bit… slow, though…

  2. Oh no desu~~ we’re so alike…. I misunderstood my homework and kapoof… my weekend huhu…

    Well.. too cheer you up have a cheesecake *^*

  3. teachers do that sometimes~
    one day in class they say “this is your homework, submit it on the next session”
    then the next session.. doesn’t remember anything.. didn’t even collect the homework.. even when some student make him/her remember, s/he will just say “okay lets discuss it in class” and that’s it. no grade, no nothing..

    sometimes i feel they’re just mocking and laughing behind the students back..

    1. this why I never do homework

      because home work is just a term for UNPAID over time
      and your not even paid to go to school soo yeah screw home work but then again im already a graduate >_<

  4. Awesome! I haven’t played at all on the other servers but I’ve been keeping an eye on the game for the last year or so and played in the CBT2! There’s definitely some parts that could use improvement, but the combat is absolutely fantastic so far! I upgraded to the Conquer’s Package not long ago.

    Oh, and I couldn’t think of a family name so in the end, I stole the name “Shifaka” from DB because its 1) pronounceable 2) Could fit well with eastern, western, and nonsensical character names I come up with in the future 3) Doesn’t reek of weeb or chu2

    Please let us(me) know what server you pick!

      1. Is it a pay once type of thing, or a buy then get hit with subscription fee?

        Ive been wanting it since I heard about it last year. Not having a job really puts a damper on one’s purchases of new games…

        1. Pay once. Rest of the shop is mostly cosmetics that can give small non-combat bonuses which you either don’t need end game or have better options for later. There are also things like appearance changing tickets, skill resets, and inventory and weight limit increases, but those can all be earned by playing enough or using the free loyalty shop that you earn points for every day by playing and hitting milestones, or earned in game.

          1. One of the weak points of the the game though is that ATM, there’s no real cosmetic choices outside of the cash store cosmetics which are fairly expensive, armors and weapons look practically the same and merely ok. Dyes are also fairly expensive in the cash shop and one time use, not an unlock, and random, or have to be gotten through grinding certain quests, so even though each part of an item can be dyed separately, its hard to do so in practice and not really worth it if your using the default armor looks unless you have a good plan and a ton of dyes.

            Of course, the game isn’t released yet and things could change, given how strong the feedback against the high cosmetic prices are. There’s also supposed craft able costumes according to the wiki but I haven’t seen that mentioned outside of the wiki when people talk about costumes so I don’t know if its actually in the game yet.

  5. I learned today that I owe my school over 1000$ in debt, I have no job, no insurance, my license expired and I am completely poor now. so, yeah…

  6. Well, at least you remembered your programming homework… I have a bad habit of procrastonating too long and inevitably forgetting to do it thanks to a new skyrim mod I found… Yeah…

    On another note, I personally would find it more than appreciated if you decided to alternate the series by week. With that said, just do whatever works best for you, and try not to be swayed by the leechers (me included.)

  7. please dont drop the dungeon it has more fun to it its not an over powered mc like always and the sorry seems to have more potential. You get a lot more insight into the mc’s thoughts and thus personality. Which are fun in my opinion. I dont have any nagging for you 😀
    Well don’t worry about the releases rl sucks sometimes and everyone need personal relaxing(gaming) time.

  8. Alternating betwwen the stories will be slow, but as some others said, school comes first (and video games second). But rl is a pain sometimes. Anyway, good luck with class, and we, the leechers, will wait as long as it takes.

    1. and around 20 3rd party titles for vita that looks awesome!!
      gundam breaker 3 and project diva X and atelier series

  9. I see so your playing BDo Y_Y my rig can run PSO2 on high settings and blade and soul on normal setting but black desert Y_Y my rig crashes and burned I need a newer one Y_Y

    also its ok its better than nothing at allpeople are patient as in literrly patient I mean we even waited for a remake of FF7 right and its coming hahaha

  10. Oh mai, do I have a chance to kidnap you into Archeage once you get bored with BDO? I’m tired of playing alone but alot of the people on the server I play are just such bastards! (playing on Nazar if any of you guys reading this wants to join me).

    Anyways, just chill XD. If you think you’re out of whack with schedules, try looking at Arifureta! (actually I haven’t checked in almost 5 months now so not sure how accurate I am)

  11. Thanks for the update on what is going on I had figured it was something like this.
    I know code can be a pain at times. Good luck with your classes, feel free to take as much time as you need!

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