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If you are uninterested in non-translation-based information, it’s safe to just skip over this post.


Hey all, haven’t really done one of these in a while now. Last one was a few months ago I think? Mm. Well, for those who haven’t seen these before, the purpose of these posts is basically to fill everyone in on what I’ve been doing/will do both irl and on this site. I hope this’ll help those who are interested know a bit more about me, why things go—or don’t go—as planned, and pretty much why I do the things I do.

Some people don’t like having their information spread across the internet, some don’t care, and some people take advantage of others. Yeah, I’m part of the [Don’t Care] group… though mainly because I believe people can find information about someone if they really wanted to. I’ve posted almost all of this before either on Reddit or previous posts online under more or less the same handle. Yeah, well… here I am?

This is definitely not going to be in any well thought out order, but hopefully this can also serve as some kind of timeline for my site.

Let’s make this huge and go with a horrible imitation of bullet formatting:

Not tl;dr

  • College is chugging along. Got rejected from two of the ones I applied to as, unfortunately, the [Argumentation & Debate] class I took from my previous college didn’t transfer out to count for the [Communications Requirement], despite all four counselors I’ve been juggled between saying it did.
    • The UCs didn’t have this requirement, but one turned me down due to [No Reason Given] and the other was [Congested Admissions].
  • Next semester, I’m taking these for a total of ~14 Units, where 12 is considered Full-Time:
    • Adv. Critical Thinking & Composition (Writing)
    • Assembly Language (Comp. Sci.)
    • Systems Analysis and Specifications Design (Comp. Sci) <- Name’s a bit off, but school website is offline right now and I can’t check. >.>
    • Group Communication (Communication) <- Guess why.
  • Also work two part-time jobs as an [IHSS Care Provider]. Job description is to basically help disabled people around the house and go shopping a bit more normally.
    • I’ve been doing this since I was 15 years old to pay for my schooling, as neither of my parents, nor my grandparents, had jobs since I was 12 and damn did I not want to turn out like that.
    • Thankfully, this isn’t as hard as it sounds as for the majority of the past 8 years I’ve been working for my [Aunt] and [Grandma], though that just means I have family that can—and do—act as my direct employer. (~’.’)~
    • This money has mostly went straight towards living expenses, things like food and gas or car payments/insurance, but as you’ve probably guessed by my  field of study in Computer Science, I love computers.
  • Up until almost three years ago, I was keeping my computer’s hardware up to date. Not enthusiast grade, but more like the i5 and 570 (and their past equivalents).
    • This came out to something like $30/mo (or $40?) averaged out over the year, so it doesn’t impact my money situation too much.
    • Though as of two years ago, my third year in college (long explanation as to why I’ve been in college so long… I think that’s in a previous info post maybe?),  I was cut off from my school’s financial aid.
      • My second semester after transferring from Shasta Community College to Sacramento City College, I  withdrew from two classes (of the three enrolled) due to life and financial reasons.
        • My mom was abused by her then-boyfriend-now-ex and I helped her move from the Redding area down to my house in Sacramento.
        • This was the third or fourth week of classes. With the above reason, my money dried up. Had to withdraw from the two classes. Knew that I wouldn’t be given financial aid that semester, but…
      • Apparently, and no one told me this when I talked to a counselor about it, the “Total Units Taken : Totals Units Completed” ratio resets when transferring, despite the credit for the completed units transferring.
        • Went below 75% successfully completed units. BAM. Academic Probation.
        • Sent in an essay and did everything required for a chance to be re-accepted, denied.
        • I was receiving $2.5k/semester. Very little of that didn’t go directly into bills.
    • Around that time, probably a few months later if I recall correctly, I started translating here.
  • I began translating to de-stress.
    • One night, I was reading a dropped series. Its name? [Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan]. Now called [The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero].
    • I began to think, “Hey, I took two semesters of Japanese a few years ago and loved it… wouldn’t it be cool if I translated this? The premise is awesome and that’s A LOLI ONI.”
    • It was too hard.
    • MTL time! I’m sure my half-baked grammar/syntax knowledge will make it better than the MTL stuff I see around!
    • orz …. it barely helped.
      • <3 Jorgelotr for fixing all my errors for so long.
    • Two or three arcs into the series later, I stop using the MTL engines like Google and Bing, instead relying just on JParser (think automatic dictionary lookup).
      • My kanji knowledge is pretty bad, still working on it.
    • Quality improves very slightly throughout the series. It’s fun to see my improvement since then.
  • I take a trip up to South Lake Tahoe for… [The Renaissance Faire]. Note: [Scottish Thunder] sauce is no joke. I nicknamed it [Dragon’s Blood].
    • On the drive up there—thankfully I wasn’t driving—I decided to pick up another series.
    • Search M->F reincarnation and spin the wheel!
    • Dragon’s Bloodline.
    • “Oooh this is so much easier to TL than Forsaken Hero…”
      • Future me: “Oooh the author is using flowery and profound speech… this is so much harder to TL than anything I’ve worked on.”
  • HEY, why not add a THIRD series? (Skipping over Happy Peach here)
    • Wat? Is that a series about a dungeon master that wants to rape and pillage and rule the world? Awesome! R18 too! Woooah.
    • Oh there’s this other one about a lazy MC that has a loli dungeon core. Hmm.
    • *picks lazy MC*
    • You know the rest of that topic… (Hilariousness ensues)
  • Some stuff about Forsaken Hero’s author scrapping the last arc right before I complete it… *grumble grumble*
  • Fast forward a bit
    • I’d improved quite a lot since when I first started out translating. Learning how to recognize more and more references, slang, and sentence structures along with how to keep the same feeling in English as it’s meant to have in Japanese.
      • Author intention is important. Still can’t preserve it for the life of me in Dragon’s Bloodline though… orz
    • I didn’t accept donations that entire time, not wanting to link my hobby to money. Had enough stress related to that IRL.
    • Money situation gets worse. My old car was having troubles and turned into a gas guzzling machine.
      • But my sister graduated and got a job!
      • She hasn’t been in this post yet, but we’re super close when it comes to finances and hanging out. Both went through the same thing growing up… she just managed to get a full scholarship, while I have to do the IHSS thing to pay my bills.
      • Long story short (don’t want to give much info about her here, sorry): We make a deal that she’ll pay half of the car’s cost if we buy new.
      • This would make it cheaper than my current car’s payments, as well as be >2x as efficient on gas. Super savings to keep me from dropping out of college at perfect time, yay.
        • For the record, I know it was risky. But there’s a [wall of redacted things about others I don’t feel comfortable saying] that let me do it.
        • Traded old car in, lower monthly payments on my side.
    • Back in my previous monetary situation, but this time having peace of mind when it comes to transpiration.
  • And then…
    • My dad comes down here with his girlfriend and her three kids, again for reasons I don’t want to share.
    • Has to stay with us for a month until they can move into another house lined up.
    • Cancer in his neck.
    • F*ck.
    • $$$ -> Down the drain. Still waiting on surgery stuff to happen.
    • Guess what still hasn’t happened due to all that though?
  • Trying my best to keep up with bills. Open up donations and later adopt WordAds to help.
    • tl;dr here — people are awesome. Managed to stay out of the red.
    • I need to make a more comprehensive post showing numbers regarding WordAds, but that’ll have to wait for another time.
    • Also, I know that I didn’t give a lot of this information beforehand… Sorry. Just wasn’t sure at the time I wanted to share it. Now I am.
  • Few months later
    • Lazy Dungeon Master nears front page ranking (#25) on Novel Updates.
    • Awesome feeling. Traffic to site soaring, >300k views/week (when I’m posting chapters at least)
    • I asked people to leave reviews since all of the ones for Lazy Dungeon Master were old.
    • Again, people are awesome.
      • Doing my best to keep up with donation queue while not going crazy IRL. Falling behind on Dragon’s Bloodline but I’m trying >.<
    • Let’s hop out of bullets to zoom in on one review in particular. Note that he’s the one to remind me for some kind of update regarding this, spurring this entire post to happen…


Written By: Amplify

Contrary to other reviews that score this novel poorly; a higher rating is deserved when considering the series as a whole.


I will try to keep this short:
With characters based on the seven deadly sins or virtues, Lazy Dungeon Master is a humorous and interesting light novel. If Sloth’s (the MC) laziness annoys you at first, keep in mind that from around volume 3 onwards he shows many interesting traits and his laziness is only played for laughs afterwards.


The first two volumes act as introduction material; illustrating the basics of the world and the dungeons within. Once the world building is in place, it dives into dungeon building and adventurer invasions. Clever use of tricks are used to great effect, beating strong opponents with low effort.


It is a charming, comfortable novel I would highly recommend to many. 

Um, is wow the right word here? It’s awesome! I really can’t overstate how thankful I am for that review. It’s obvious others feel the same, as it’s even at ten likes. Outside of the reviews left for the fat overlords (Wuxiaworld series), that’s the most I’ve ever seen on a review… ever.

Also, for everyone else who left reviews: Thank you so much!

Well, I suppose I’ll conclude this whole post with another call to arms. Please leave reviews on my series! Even if you don’t 100% love a series, I’d love to hear your feedback!

For ease:

The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero — Someone added an unrelated image to this one. Da fudge?

Dragon’s Bloodline

Lazy Dungeon Master

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist

Happy Peach — … Well, I definitely understand if you ignore this one.


(P.S. If you’re ever reading an old post for one of my series and notice something stated awkwardly or some kind of typo, feel free to leave a comment about it. I try to update the chapters over time to flow better whenever I get the chance. For example, currently going through LDM chapters to un-capitalize the random things I used to but don’t anymore…)

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