Info Update: Chapter Titles && More

Thought I’d post this because some people may be interested?

  • I put up chapter titles for the entirety of Dragon’s Bloodline.
    • Note: Dragon’s Bloodline is a completed series.
      • Completed on September 17, 2015
    • 120 Chapters + 1 Intermission + 1 Epilogue in total
  • Lazy Dungeon Master has chapter titles too.
    • Note: Lazy Dungeon Master is still being released
      • The latest chapter (124) was posted yesterday.
  • If you want to avoid spoilers, I recommend not looking at them? (~’.’)~
  • It’s a work in progress still but I’ve (finally) started working on the donation info/history page! Yay.
  • Removing The Restart link for now.
    • Note: Still working on it. It’s getting, eh, restarted? Still the same kind of start and all, but heavy editing to make it feel less like a cheesy [I want it to be JP WN but is EN so it sounds stupid] thing and more of a properly thought out and constructed EN work.
      • … Probably shelved until summer break.
      • Most EN WNs I’ve read make me sad at how little people in this community tend to read their own language’s literature and understand their quirks… but that’s a topic for another time.


Alright, back to working on the next Lazy Dungeon Master chapter… have a good one~


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