Info Update: Chapter Titles && More

Thought I’d post this because some people may be interested?

  • I put up chapter titles for the entirety of Dragon’s Bloodline.
    • Note: Dragon’s Bloodline is a completed series.
      • Completed on September 17, 2015
    • 120 Chapters + 1 Intermission + 1 Epilogue in total
  • Lazy Dungeon Master has chapter titles too.
    • Note: Lazy Dungeon Master is still being released
      • The latest chapter (124) was posted yesterday.
  • If you want to avoid spoilers, I recommend not looking at them? (~’.’)~
  • It’s a work in progress still but I’ve (finally) started working on the donation info/history page! Yay.
  • Removing The Restart link for now.
    • Note: Still working on it. It’s getting, eh, restarted? Still the same kind of start and all, but heavy editing to make it feel less like a cheesy [I want it to be JP WN but is EN so it sounds stupid] thing and more of a properly thought out and constructed EN work.
      • … Probably shelved until summer break.
      • Most EN WNs I’ve read make me sad at how little people in this community tend to read their own language’s literature and understand their quirks… but that’s a topic for another time.


Alright, back to working on the next Lazy Dungeon Master chapter… have a good one~



20 thoughts on “Info Update: Chapter Titles && More

  1. Well… Ive read the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, some stories from Sherlock Holmes, some Harry Potter books(obsly), Charlie Bones and some few others. But ive yet to read the type of novel format like JP WN and CN. When i talk about format, i mean chapter wise.

    Also, ive havent been able to find an english novel written like the japanese LNs\WNs. Or i just like the way they describe the magic systems in the JP LNs and WNs. Screw it, i dont really know how to describe my preferance. Just discovered [] and []. Lets see im able to find then

    1. Please go and read ‘The Stormlight Archive’ by Brandon Sanderson or ‘The Wheel of Time’ by Robert Jordan. Both series are, in my personal view, at the pinnacle of English high fantasy.

      1. Im not really that knowledgeable about how to search for certain english fantasy stories and such. For example i only to search on mangaupdates, and there you have it. Does the english one have such a practical site? Instead of compromising of eastern stories, it has western ones.

        1. Ah, the two series I recommended are full novel series. Neither would be free.

          Like light novels on steroids? Total word count of ‘The Wheel of Time’: 4,410,036

          Check this link out. You could buy the ebook, or try audiobook from Audible for free with a trial.

          1. You know what? Im heading for the library some time. I starting to learn how to search for english fantasy stories and i think i have found some, which have piqued my interest 😛

          2. Huh, just so happens I have Vol.5 of The Wheel of Time on my shelf (The Fires of Heaven), and now that I look at it, it’s a first trade edition. Shame I could never find any of the first 1-4 volumes when I was younger.

    1. I haven’t read ahead.

      That said, 100% certain she stays a woman. It’s the premise of the story; as such, it will never be changed.

  2. a fellow fan of the wheel of time? wohoo. great gods man that ending and that scene with rand on the cliff, i was crying, do you realize how that even works? a book making you cry? i loved the series, need less to say mat cauthon was my favorite. god bless his spear.

    1. I think my personal favorite seen was when they used the [sa angreal] on the [thing that shouldn’t ever have been able to be fixed] that [did the thing to the sa angreal].

      No spoilers for people? Maybe.

      <3 the series.

      So much

      1. it was wonderful man. all those characters, i loved all of them,some more than others. Egwene’s fate though sucked. Although it was wonderful what she did, and i didn’t like her quite as much as i did min and aveanda, Aveandha was my favorite, maybe she was the reason i started liking tsunderes? haha who knows.
        the scene you mentioned was indeed awesome, but what followed in the epilogue was just as awesome, i mean wow. their journey didn’t end it was……. man the start of a whole new age of prosperity, i wouldn’t mind being whisked away there.
        i also especially loved the scene where i think rand comments that morridin got the [spoilers] buriel he deserved. i really didn’t expect him to think that after all he made him go through. rand really did grow up.

          1. The name of the wind is fantastic as well. i don’t care what people say about people saying our boy is a mary sue, i am so tired of all these ”broken” characters these days. when a mentally balanced, high performing protagonist comes along everyone screams ”mary sue”.

            btw have you read jim butcher’s series the dredsen files?

            ps: you have good taste in books my friend.

            1. I haven’t read as many English original series as I’d prefer, sadly.

              Right now I’m very, -very- slowly working my way through Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. As someone who read through The Wheel of Time in a week and the first two books of The Stormlight Archive in slightly more than a day each… it’s unbearable to not blaze through books.

              So much of my free time is taken by TLing nowadays

              1. we really appericiate it my friend.

                How is the stormlight archive by the way? i didn’t like the mistborn series much. both are by bradon sanderson if you didn’t know.
                the name sound very flashy and cool.

                1. Yeah, I know they’re from Brandon Sanderson. He’s my favorite author 😉

                  Stormlight Archive is my #1 book series ever.

                  SUPER recommendation!

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