Info Update — Because No Schedule

No schedule this week. Why?

Working on Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Chapter 3 to finish it. The clock’s ticking and I have till Friday night (leaving town to go to a friend’s over the weekend) to complete it.

That feeling when you sit down for a session of translating and 3000 words in, you look at your progress and you’ve barely put a dent in it… yeah.

Well, I should be able to finish it. If not, I will for certain 100% be posting the first half on Saturday; with the second half the following week along with standard schedule.

“Why go back on what you said before this close to the end?” — you ask?

Because this has taken up so much more time than I expected already and I hate having so much done without anything to show you guys. Really, it sucks… For that reason, I give myself the rest of the week to be able to stick to my preference and release the whole thing at once.

That, and I seriously need to talk with some more people about this LN. I’m dying inside being unable to. Comments are my fuel and I’m running on low right now. I’m human and my willpower only lasts so long before it breaks.


For some fun, here’s a bunch of images of me trying to learn Unreal Engine’s blueprints. Probably going to sneak in progress updates to it here and there from now on… Hoping to get to some actual coding eventually. Just not worth it for the more simple things like spawning a map.

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