Info Update — And then it was two

Not going to finish the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter today. Still working on the take-home part of my final. It’s due Wednesday and I plan on getting 100% on it if at all possible.

For anyone used to how ridiculous these kinds of things can be… yeah. Just… yeah.

Well, this means that I’m two Dragon’s Bloodline chapters behind now. I know that most of you guys are more interested in Lazy Dungeon Master, but nevertheless I view it as important to keep up.

I’ll have a lot of time open after next Wednesday to catch up/clear the queue/do extra free chapters over the course of Summer vacation (more on this when I next make a schedule post). This is just taking longer to finish than I’d hoped, so please hang in there a bit longer for me!

Hope you all have/had a good week.


PS: Now I have both Stellaris and Dark Souls 3 that I want to play. They’re just sitting in my steam library… staring at me. o.o


22 thoughts on “Info Update — And then it was two

  1. Yeah, I have a shelf of RPGs for the PS3, plus a ridiculous number of games in my GOG collection, all waiting to be played. I don’t use Steam, though. I developed an extreme antipathy for it after it kept making my game progress disappear… 😠

    I sometimes imagine that, after I die, I’ll be punished by forcing me to complete every single game in my collection to 100%. Either that or as a reward, I’m not sure which… 😑

  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Ahahahaha, RL will always be there so blast it all first then back to here after all of it complete…

  3. cant wait for the next chapter…. wonder if the army adopt the hit and run tactic against the enemy….. 100 rpg launch at the same time then run away just to launch another rpg attack…..coward tactic but effective to give mental trauma especially at night for a whole month..heheheheh imagination are quite good lately

  4. No way, I wish to read dragon’s bloodline more than anything, don’t consider it less important. However take as much time as needed we’ll still be eagerly waiting.

  5. Don’t worry about it
    Real life is more Important after all
    (pretty sure quite a few translators are holding off for a while due to finals too)

    1. *spits on shoe and rgeow glove to face* My kind Sir! Please keep your bondage fetish to yourself! Both DB and LDM will be loved equally.

      *wakes up* that was an unpleasant dream… Though bondage….

      -Yeah I don’t know what I’m saying neither-

  6. i tried playing Dark Souls 2……. i couldn’t play it due to the crazy if you die stuff, my point is…. for every person who plays Dark Soul 1-2-3 and finished it are God like compared to me. GL in Dark Souls 3!

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