Info Update — And then it was two

Not going to finish the Dragon’s Bloodline chapter today. Still working on the take-home part of my final. It’s due Wednesday and I plan on getting 100% on it if at all possible.

For anyone used to how ridiculous these kinds of things can be… yeah. Just… yeah.

Well, this means that I’m two Dragon’s Bloodline chapters behind now. I know that most of you guys are more interested in Lazy Dungeon Master, but nevertheless I view it as important to keep up.

I’ll have a lot of time open after next Wednesday to catch up/clear the queue/do extra free chapters over the course of Summer vacation (more on this when I next make a schedule post). This is just taking longer to finish than I’d hoped, so please hang in there a bit longer for me!

Hope you all have/had a good week.


PS: Now I have both Stellaris and Dark Souls 3 that I want to play. They’re just sitting in my steam library… staring at me. o.o

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