Info Update

Not dead, but this homework is trying its hardest to kill me.

Behind on chapters and will try to catch up on guaranteed chapters as soon as I can.

Dragon’s Bloodline will be the next chapter released for sure this time, I’ve even started it (gasp) already and just haven’t had time to finish it.


Yeah, sorry for falling behind again but not much I can do about it right now.

Hope everyone’s having a good day at least (~’.’)~

13 thoughts on “Info Update

    1. Ziru is trying to keep them stuck in there longer so Kehma has more DP and can do more stuff quicker!

      Though I can’t help but think of the gladiator scene in Assasination Classroom when he said his homework was killing him XD.

    1. Thanks for trying to keep up with the translation. RL is what’s important though, so keep plugging away at it.

  1. what does the donation list say about the owed chapters?

    ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND! (minus the thousand part)

  2. Same as usual, so can’t really complain. Even though this is probably creating work for you I’d like to suggest something. Can you add a link to the website or the article with the link to it concerning information about the illustrations used in your banner in your about page. Because reading through the comments still shows that several people keep asking what or where concerning said pictures in your banner, I’m guilty too of at least thinking it. At least this way those comments will reduce and if not other people could head off those comments by referring them to the proper page. Unless you already did this and I missed the memo.

    1. He already posted this before. Though it’s missing some pictures, a good 70% of the pics are there. I’m too lazy to find the post for you but if a pleb like me can find it you can too!

  3. I know he did, and I’m rather certain I can find the post because it’s most likely among the batch that were transferred over. What I suggested was that he make a more permanent link to it so people who keep asking even after his post can look it up easier, since looking for the post is beyond them, instead of always asking about or where relating to the current picture they see in his border.

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