I came up with an idea


Would you guys be interested in me posting GCR in LDM-sized chapters from now on? The time breaks that happen in the chapters tend to be about that size (a bit smaller, might post 2 ‘breaks’ per chapter).


Of course, I’m still only working on GCR this week. This would just mean lots of chapters this week~

Please post your thoughts below!


16 thoughts on “I came up with an idea

  1. Are you going to post it as a full chapter after you finished all the “parts” for that chapter later?

  2. It fells so good that you are finally accepting my idea of spiting the chapters into many parts…

    Its about time this is done…

    1. Lols on the pict…

      For those who are curious to whom the picture are for, see my comment on the chapter 2 of GCR that I made last October~

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