I never really know what to title these non-TL posts as. Hmm.

Well, this is a kind of off-topic post so feel free to pass over this if you just want to read translation stuffs. Haven’t finished the next chapter yet. Too tired, half asleep right now.

And exactly because of this half asleep state, I think it’s a good idea to—after eleven months of successfully not doing so—link to me reading DragomirCM’s poem, The Swindled Fear. Now, I don’t particularly fancy poems in general. But this one? Love it. Still not sure why. It’s great though.

I use an accent in it to try and represent how the voice inside my head said it, so my apologies to everyone who cringes at it. In general, my accent is Californian (western US) rather than this… something. Well, if you like the poem please make sure to go over to DragomirCM’s website (linked above) and leave a comment there. Maybe give your reading of it too? I’m sure he’d love it. Or any of the other ones~


… This isn’t really an info update, is it? Mmm… ah! I recently helped someone get into translating a little as well as got a Guild’s Cheat Receptionist naysayer into reading it. Oh, and got that same person(slacker) into reading the newer Lazy Dungeon Master chapters! Definitely a productive day!

… What? I could’ve used that same time to catch up to my release schedule?



*sleeps, still collapsed on ground*


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    1. Kind of late but I’ll still say it, even though no one’s going to read it: you should seriously try some of his web novels. I’m reading magic academy and while he sometimes seriously overstresses the relationship issues, it’s still a very enjoyable read, especially because you don’t feel the events are put together randomly. Instead you can perceive some serious thinking behind nearly every part of the story.
      Additionally he’s good at mixing just the right amount of silly lightheartedness and dark psychology (sry, might be an unfitting term).

      Well enough of that. If you’ve got some free time, you should seriously try reading it.
      P.S. sorry about my english. Since I’m not a nativ speaker I hope you’ll forgive me.

  1. Hello.

    I’m reading several of hos web novels and am really enjoying them.
    Haven’t given any of his poems a try.

    sounds like you actually did spend your time productively.

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