Dragon’s Bloodline — Chapter 64

Heya! For everyone who saw/read my last info update post, thanks again!

I know that I fell behind this week yet again, but that was a series of unfortunate events… (family drama followed by car getting a flat tire… followed by it taking 5+ hrs to get my car brought to a place to be serviced the next day… followed by a 3+ hr wait because everyone and their mothers being there that day.)

And now I’m in Chico staying at a friend’s house for the weekend to hang out and watch a movie, so it’s a bit hard to get time to translate… haha. Well, it’ll (translating) definitely go better next week.

Going to try and get the GCR side story out today as well. If not today, it’ll be out tomorrow morning for sure! (And it’ll still be this week, right guys? Right?)



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