You can ignore this post.

Transferred from previous college a while back due to family reasons.
Now have excess classes taken because different requirements.
College dismissed me from financial aid because I’ve taken too many credits.
I’m now out $2500/semester that I needed.

Had to post this, sorry that it wasn’t a new chapter.




29 thoughts on “You can ignore this post.

  1. You don’t have to apologise. It’s your blog, it’s also your right to rant on your own blog.

  2. Let`s open a crowdfunding action ?!
    But seriously its your blog you can post what you want.
    We will not take it bad.
    Wish you luck. ^^

  3. Tell them to avoid transferring unnecessary credits because it affects your financial aid availability?

    1. It’s because of my income and the fact I’m the only person in my family with a job at all…

      Part time job + college = stress. Every semester they try to do something to financial aid that screws me.

      But this? ;_;

      1. i dont know if it works in ur college but,my friend and i trying workaround by looking for some free exchange student program last semester, we got like extra credit for next semester (in our college credit earned in exchange not counted as financial aid cause u got it for free) and also extra payment cause achievement plus extended financial aid.
        try looking for some cheap country. im sure u can get something with $2500 if u gonna lose it no matter what.

      1. Indonesia. Usually the rates are about about $250-750 per semester, though some might force you to paid for $900++. Well, it’s quite rare to see someone to paid for more than $1000, considering the Dollar exchange rate nowadays.

  4. where is your school? which country? 2500?? i won’t be surprised if people choose to get a job instead of going to that kind of school, you lose more than you gain..

  5. Well that’s ….shit.Any way ya look at it sucks, well do what ya have to / can do (if anything ) to lower your expenses is all I can tell ya .Also thanks for all the work you have done for “Us” ,the readers.If you have stuff you need to do in irl let it take precedence on translation ,we appreciate what your doing and can understand how frustrating life is.;)

  6. See a counselor ASAP and ask if there’s anything they can do. Sometimes it just takes asking for help *from a different person* to get what you need. Good luck!

  7. Sounds hard. I have heard about the cost in other countries, but it always amazes me in the end. Be careful with your body and mind it something you’ll have for the rest of your life.

  8. ….Wow that sucks major Donkey balls.

    At least it was not a loan. Although you probably gonna end up getting one now.

  9. Dang, I hope you can get through this. This is your blog you have the right to rant, no one can blame you. Take care.

  10. This shows that all they care about is money. This is the reason why I love the teachers, but hate the administrations who don’t even know how to do their job.

  11. Sorry to hear that man. I know how it is because im in the same situation T-T have no Idea what to do or what im gonna do. A simple job is not gonna help. Im thinking of heading to the force or something to help me pay for school. *sigh….. I hate life

  12. If you’re going to school in the U.S. it is possible to appeal financial aid decisions. With regard to having too many credits, they might ask you to make a graduation plan before they grant the appeal. I’m in the same boat having switched my major and having dropped out of school and gone back.

    I hope it works out, I know how stressful it is!

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