Well that just happened

I’ve always read about how people are typing things then *boom* power outage/pc crash/etc.

Always thought “Why didn’t they save it as they go or use something like google docs?”

Well. I use notepad (I like the simplicity for this…) when TLing.

Went out today for a long list of errands (yay being my family’s errand runner~) and came back to my PC being off. Like the genius I am, I didn’t do the simple action of Ctrl+S.

1/4 of the LDM chapter gone… egh. At least I remember most of it? It’s still pretty dang annoying.

Just thought I’d share. Going to try and finish it before the day is out, but GAH! That was annoying.

If you don’t hear from me (well, see the chapter) before the night is out–

–hope you had a good day~

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