Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen

For those of you who like to watch anime as well, I highly recommend adding this remake sequel of the original Utawarerumono to your watch list! Well. Sort of remake. Whatever. Sequel. Tis good~

Click the image for MyAnimeList link.

Well, to tell the truth I posted this as an excuse to say I’m working on Dragon’s Bloodline 28 next instead of Lazy Dungeon Master 12 … I really wanted to know what happened next!


41 thoughts on “Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen

  1. i loved the original and have been looking forward to this one since i finished the first but am kinda disapointed that from what iv seen its not the same characters…

    1. Oh don’t worry. Everyone shows again, except for a handful. (I just finished the game) This is part two in a trilogy…. so don’t expect to come out at the end with more questions than answers, and desperately needing it to be 2017 (The planned release year for part 3…. they aren’t going to subject us to a 12 year wait this time)

          1. ok fine I should give it a try. too busy so haven’t watch any anime about a year now but just one should be fine.

            If I won’t finish my work I just tell my boss to talk to you right?

    1. *Pops out of the ground*
      Used info from that link. It was bad info~
      Confirmed. Definitely Sequel.
      *Dig dig dig dig*

  2. Wait… I thought it was a Sequel from some unknown number of years after the original Utawarerumono Game/Anime.

    Speaking of which, I’m wondering if there’s going to be a PC version of the game to go along with the anime other than the Sony exclusive.

  3. i hope this anime willn’t disappoint me. so many good anime on season 1 like log horizon etc when it was make into 2nd season become disappointed anime.

      1. But I mean I’m too attached to having Hakuoro as the main character though. If I understand correctly though, this is like around 16-18 years after the original? Because I recall there being Hakuoro and Yuzuha’s daughter in there, and appearances by a few of the other characters. And does it go full harem route like the original? Because if so, I might just get the VN (I wonder if they’ll ever release a PC 18+ version?).

  4. Yeah good nostalgia. Really liked it on my highschool years. Though i lookback now the story seemed too much sweet shounen vibe with lots of plot holes. I guess we did getting old after all.

  5. Utawarerumono=fave anime of all time. Has always been. Also, my most rewatched series,so it is difficult to put into words my feels atm. When I saw this. My soul flew to heaven in joy!

    1. Waga Comrade !

      Glad to know there’s someone here who is Utawarerumono enthusiast like me !
      Already hype since the PV, and i’m really waiting for the new song. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

  6. Hakuoro oh hakuoro, now this time is haku….
    Sooooooo… is haku = Hakuoro , is kuon = eruru ?
    But what i know is worker boss is another badass oji-san

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