The Restart — Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – ‘A Piece of History


There were seven waist high statues of animals placed in a circle towards the center of the domed room. Along the stone walls were bookshelves filled with thick, spined books that held an ominous air about them. The room was dimly lit by small, floating balls of blue fire. Upon closer inspection, one could find that the shadows from the statues and bookshelves were perfectly still from the small flames that were randomly spread through the air.

“Hah… Hah…” The man sat up and breathed weakly, his voice shaking with each gasp. “At last, I’ve fulfilled my oath to her…” A single tear fell from his right eye, traveling down his face before being caught by his unkempt beard.

At that, his eyes lost their light and his struggled breathing stopped. His heart had beat its last and he collapsed face up on the ground—

—in the center of an incredibly intricate magic formation.

The moment his body touched the floor the blue flames dissolved into particles, leaving the room in darkness, and they rushed towards the man. As though each piece knew where to go, they covered the man for an instant before spreading out along the formation. His body had vanished, leaving behind the room with just the bookshelves, statues, and the formation that now glowed with the color deep sapphire.

Although none were left to perceive it, hair thin cracks began to appear on the surface of the statues. Bit by bit, the fractures spread. From one of the statues, a low whimper could be heard.


Fourteen years later.

“Yo, Aden! Did you hear about it?” The brown haired youth called out, holding up what looked like one of those fliers that get posted on noticeboards.

Aden looked up from the book on his desk with a questioning look. Even though their class had an exam coming today, he was midway into a book on logic puzzles.

“Come on, you still have your face in that book? You’re probably going to ace this class anyways. Here, here, check this out!” He walked over to Aden and closed the book, placing the flier on top of it. “See here!? An idol is going to host an event nearby and our academy’s students get in for free! It’s definitely a sign from the gods, the date is just after exams!” He pumped his fist up and down, striking a victory pose.

“David, I thought the only person you had eyes for was Kimi, that pink one?”

“That was last week! Starting from now on, I am devoted to Ariel! She is my goddess!” He clapped his two hands together and pretended to pray in a loud voice.

Looking at the scene develop, Aden smiled wryly at these two friends of his. He noticed their teacher, Miss Bells, walk in and he tried to quiet David down. However, she had already set her sights on him.

“David. I trust you know this school’s policy on eccentric behaviors during examinations?” Like a pinprick to the back of his neck, David abandoned the subject and bolted to his seat nearby Aden.

Miss Bells wore square framed glasses and a standard office outfit. She wore her blonde hair in a bun and carried a refined aura. Although rumor had it she was getting on in her years, her face betrayed no signs of age. She held her students to a high standard of etiquette when she gave her exam, but was otherwise relatively forgiving during the rest of the school year.

Their school, the Haven Academy, was one of the best in the region. Primarily known for its advanced architecture and state of the art equipment, its curriculum was multiple steps above others in all fields, leading to its students being well above others their age. Haven Academy enrolled children from a young age and raised them through to the graduate level of education, even hiring its more promising graduates on as researchers. The academy held annual examinations at the end of each school year, taking a week in total, in order to keep up its standard of learning.

“Sorry, Miss Bells!” He held up a hand in apology. David knew very well the repercussions of upsetting her during exam week. He had to wash the boys’ locker rooms for a month last time; not something he particularly wanted to do again.

“Alright then, class,” she addressed everyone present to settle the rest down. “As you all know, today is the first day of exam week. First will be mathematics, so all that should be on your desks is a piece of scratch paper and a pencil.”

All of the students complied. When Aden leaned over to open his satchel and put away his book in order to take out the items, his body suddenly numbed for an instant. The book fell out of his hand and fell into the opening, and there was a small cracking noise. Putting aside the numbness as a side effect of lack of sleep, Aden reached into his satchel to find his pencil and expected the worst. It had snapped cleanly in two. He sighed inwardly, “Maybe two hours of sleep was pushing it… huh.”

From birth, Aden was placed in an orphanage for abandoned children. He was left at the doorstep to the building naked and asleep. As he grew he came to love books and the knowledge they possessed, viewing them as windows to the outside world and the minds of others. He loved many different types, from things such as scientific studies, to lengthy fantasy novels, to famous poems. Even though fiction was not based on facts, he found they could still give insights into the world, and so valued them highly.

As a side effect of being so absorbed in reading, he would often isolate himself from the world and lose track of time. Days like this weren’t too uncommon for him.

He sat upright to ask David for an extra, but froze with a start.

“… W, what?” A small voice leaked from his mouth.

Everyone was frozen mid-action. The world colored in nothing but black and white. On the desk in front of him sat a small fox with two tails that swayed back and forth, staring at him intently.

“‘What’, you say? I’ve waited for so many years, and that’s the first thing you say after Awakening?”


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    1. Don’t worry, I’ll be continuing to TL dragon’s bloodline. I’m just wondering everyone’s thoughts on this

        1. Not really, he wasn’t summoned anywhere. Usually that happens in the very beginning but the school life fantasy setting was clearly set up. Making him go to a different world at this point would be a waste.
          But i agree that it s too early to tell, though it definitely has potential. Ziru can this be found at baka-updates? Also even though i like this chapter and would want to see where the story goes, are you sure you can handle three series at once?
          Im concerned for you health. And unfortunately my TL skills are nonexistent so i cant help if you work youself to death. I just wanna know if you have the time and manpower to take these on. Since that disease called RL has been spreading lately.
          Thank the holy goddess Yuina-sama that im immune to the disease, else i wouldn’t be here to spam your comments section with overly long comments :3

          1. I’m the author of ‘The Restart’, so no worries about it slowing down TLing. I just work on it whenever something pops in to my head. Finally figured enough out in order to write it.

            1. Oh that’s great 🙂
              Ha, well it does seem interesting so good job catching our attention.
              ‘Cause you know how picky we are XD
              Well if it wont slow you down im happy to support this. Hell i could even help spread the word once you get a few more chapters out. I’d freakin’ make every TLer’s site explode with radiant praise of your work and soon you’ll steal all their viewers, kekeke * maniacal laughter *
              Jokes aside, just. . . Plz dont make him a indecisive wimp. Thats my only request. If he becomes another noodle-dick like Yukiteru from Future Diary i’ll have to. . . Well it doesn’t matter. If its you im sure i wont be disappointed 🙂

                1. That’s fine i need a change of pace anyway.
                  Oh did you know Xian Ni got itself a manga?
                  Damn i just barely found out about it and already 18 chapters are out at mangahere
                  Well i wont waste any more of your time

  1. it looks interesting for now. And I will ask the animesuki standard question.
    well he become op
    Is it harem

    good luck writing this

    1. Thanks.

      When will he be OP?
      –Considering not giving him ‘Cheat’ abilities. There is a reason for this, though.

      Is it harem?
      –Haven’t decided. It’s possible, but the MC definitely won’t strive for one.

  2. This is an original? Quite intriguing, but I’ll refrain from any more opinions until about 10 more chapters. Always nice to read an original.

    1. wait, its original haha
      well, it has good story so far
      i’d like to read the next chapter which is a sign that this is good enough

  3. Nice one, Gabby. If you plan to keep this up, I suggest making a new blog after a few more chapters and submitting it to Web Fiction Guide for review.

    Also, I heavily recommend reading Wildbow’s Pact, a story where a twenty year old who promises not to lie. I’m messing with you. It’s really a story about a guy who got screwed over by herself and his family.
    Okay, honestly, The MC is a magician who befriends a friendly ghost and later romances a mermaid.

    Why Pact? Because it’s a story of swords and magic, and completely different from the majority of Isekai webnovels out there.

    Now before I use or reveal spoilers of any value, I’ll just show you the first chapter:

      1. I’ll probably check it out tomorrow if I have the time. Was planning on learning more about the implementation of classes in C++ tomorrow ^^

  4. Seems more like an interesting prolog more than a first chapter, no real statement of the MC’s age says it’s 14 after the opening but they act like high school with their actions which kind of leaves it open but it should be made clear in a timely manner as the characters ages has a huge impact on what you can do with them. Only other thing I can say is keep to your character designs and your story outline and you should be good, and don’t second guess yourself! It’s your story tell it the way you want to!

      1. I know, I’m guilty of it too from back when I tried. That’s how I learned I’m great at creating worlds to adventure in, but really suck at story, I always ended up filling in the details of the world and totally forget I was trying to tell a story.

  5. hey~! This is really good! I meant it! maybe mean? lol.
    It looks really interesting! Kukuku… Well, anyway I don’t really have anything against anything? lolol. Though I don’t really like forsaken hero ~_~… Personal preference I guess? Hehe ^^

    — Thanks~!

  6. Quality is good but not enough content.

    -guy performs some ritual with animal statues
    -mc and friend discuss a beautiful idol.
    -hot teacher threatens friend and starts test
    -two tailed fox talks to mc before the test starts, shocking the class

    The scenes are well done, and I hope to see more from it.

    1. didnt know its ur creation, thought u wanted to translate something!
      anyway my honest thought: you should NOT create another reincarnation story – we’re overflowing with them, if u want to write something make it original. Dont repeat reincarnation, vrmmo, transportation or whatsofuckingever, no wuxia and xianxia – its pleasurable to read but i dont think u can reach the level of the jap/chinesee authors.

      I would start with some short stories not a whole project.

      ofc feel free to think of me as dumbass since i never could force myself to actually write 😉

      1. Another thought : if u really needed to reincarnate him, you could have made it more interesting starting from some point of his life. Dont write anything about his previous life, start when he’s normal teen and unravel mysteries about his past as you progress.

        The way you (and ALMOST every fucking ln author) did it seems BORING and naive and predictable and it simply cant pull (at least me) into the story. I was always fan of grand enterances – perhaps a battle, some kind of crisis showing the character of main character 😉

  7. hmmm reincarnation but to a world like ours its out of the norm that something tho but i seen something like this and i gave up on it but others might really enjoy it

    1. Reincarnation from a Medieval Fantasy to an urban school setting? Sounds like Bokura no Kiseki.

      Okay, not really, given that it’s a prestigious academy, not a Japanese public school, but still.

  8. when I was in school I had the same problem of only wanting to read till 10:00 pm and go to bed then look over to see the time and find out it was 2 am

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