Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-Last)

Story 2-Last 『Best Friend』

“How… How!? How are you alive!?” (Fantra)

“……… This corpse, it’s noisy.” (Daichi)

He strengthened the force in his hand. You could hear the dull sound of bones breaking.

“Aaaaaah!!” (Fantra)

“I told you to be quiet!” (Daichi)

He slammed Fantra into the floor with Iron Claw.

“Gaha-…..!?” (Fantra)

Fantra became unable to breathe after the nasty blow to his chest. Even in this situation he was thinking of resisting, and you could see him trying to put his finger and thumb together so I stepped on them.

Fantra gave off a splendid scream of agony.

“Such a bad finger….. Perhaps I should separate it from you?” (Daichi)

He stomped on the fingers of Fantra’s right hand with his heel and broke them. He pulled his left thumb in the direction it doesn’t bend and it folded. A white bone from the second joint became exposed.

“Uoaua!?” (Fantra)

Again, he said something inaudible. Ending up like this was his fault.

I made out the shape of Shuri when I awoke. Tamaki collapsed. Leadred was restrained.

All three were still alive.

Fantra writhed in agony with his hand clutched near his stomach.

“Wind Cut” (Daichi)

Wind Slice was for long distances. This was meant for short distance. Since the striking range was lowered, the power increased by several steps.

The blade of wind immediately caused blood to mercilessly gush out. Blood splattered around.

“P-please… stop.” (Fantra)

He began to beg for his life. Naturally, my hand wasn’t swayed.

I will kill this guy only after I punish him.

“Earth Chain Binding” (Daichi)

Soil sprouts from the ground and binds him down in the shape of the ‘大’ kanji. This chain changed shape and grew thorns.

The thorns naturally dug into his skin when tightening.

“————Ah!?” (Fantra)

“You are someone who often shouts….. Do you not want your mouth? Incidentally, I could reduce the size of your nose as well…. How about it?” (Daichi)

“———! ———-!?” (Fantra)

“Wind Slice” (Daichi)

He becomes almost mute.

It became almost impossible for Fantra to breathe.

He began to froth at the mouth, and struggle with rage. His eyes became hollow, and then fainted.

Such a thing isn’t permitted.

“Water Ball” (Daichi)

The consciousness that he lost was forcibly returned. Cold water soaked his wounds, and Fantra began moving again.

However, moving dampened the pain.

Only pure suffering was allowed.

“Well…. Though this is insufficient….. Leadred and Shuri must be treated. Therefore, I’ll end it with the next one. Your time is over.” (Daichi)

“………………” (Fantra)

Fantra was no longer able to speak. He didn’t say anything.

Red specks covered my skin. His face changed to that of someone staring death in the face.

When I was convinced that he completely lost his intention to resist, I addressed the person of merit—The Shield.

“Tamaki!” (Daichi)

“W-what? Ah, was my final performance good? I have some talent in it…..” (Tamaki)

“Ah, I’m sure you could be an actress.” (Daichi)

When I addressed her with a jest, she sent back a quizzical look.

“…… You, are you really Katsuragi? The one I know isn’t capable of smiling like that…..” (Tamaki)

“Knock it off, Shield.” (Daichi)

“Ah, it’s the usual Katsuragi.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki laughed like a child whose prank succeeded.

What should I do as retribution… No, now isn’t the time for that. I need to deal with this bastard.

However, I’ve already done this before.

“Tamaki. I must congratulate you.” (Daichi)

Tamaki was unable to respond to my unforeseen remark.

“Eh, why? Isn’t it fine if Katsuragi does it? The crystal has been used up, so it should be fine since he can’t revive anymore.” (Tamaki)

As Tamaki said, the crystals in the room that were shining lost their sparkle.

“Idiot. Wouldn’t it be good for you to use the magic crystals yourself? First, I think there is a natural crystal.” (Daichi) [TN: Not sure what is happening in this line …]

“… Ah, it was also like that huh….” (Tamaki)

Tamaki clapped her hands together with a *Pon*.

“Huh? Then, if he’s killed he’ll revive….” (Tamaki)

“You don’t have to worry. Because I’ve talked with someone.” (Daichi)

“Talked….? With who?” (Tamaki)

“A dear, dear person.” (Daichi)

Not to me, but to this guy…….

Tamaki’s head tilted to the side, but I can’t tell her. At least not while Fantra can gear it.

“Apart from that, you were the leading person today. You unexpectedly held out, Tamaki. Therefore, you kill him.” (Daichi)

“Well, if Katsuragi insists… I won’t hesitate.” (Tamaki)

Using my shoulder to help Tamaki with a『It can’t be helped』, it wasn’t bad and I smiled.

“Triple Guard” (Tamaki)

Tamaki made layers of ice in the air over Fantra, putting his life in a precarious state.

“Crush!!” (Tamaki)

Her arm was extended and she drew an arc in the air with her finger, and it began to lower.

The snow-like shield crushed his existence.


Just as in【Rigal’s Den】there was a room with a transportation magic formation, so I began explaining the strategy I came up with a little while ago when I revived.

It’s not a good idea to return the long way this time, as we were already worn out. The three other than me were exhausted.

“However, I need to hear what happened. Since my consciousness faded in and out, I don’t understand what went on.” (Leadred)

Untying herself from the chains, Leadred cast a small fireball to warm the surroundings and her body that had grown cold. So that she wouldn’t catch a cold, I passed her my robe.

“Because of my incompetence I fell… I’m sorry. I didn’t understand.” (Shuri)

Surrounding my neck with her arms, Shuri entrusted her weight to my back and said so apologetically. After suddenly waking up, she clung to and depended on me.

Well, as a man it is expected that I would enjoy this amazing thing right? With those touching my back… My reasoning unraveled.

After killing Fantra, I rescued these two safely. Shuri’s chest was pierced through and I was carrying her on my back, though Leadred showed some modesty with difficulty and volunteered to walk.

“Not being able to die when confined in ice is common sense. And yet, the hero made use of『Revenge of the Resented』and came back….” (Leadred)

“Ah, that. I used the effects of『Deadly Poison』.” (Daichi)

““Deadly Poison?”” (Leadred, Shuri)

“Yes! The special condition『Deadly Poison』.” (Tamaki)

Shuri and Leadred asked in unison. I didn’t answer it though, Tamaki did.

“When I was looking through Katsuragi’s pouch for various things when he was affected by Fantra’s emperor-class magic. At that time he had something. I saw the Yanu Leaf and —–.” (Tamaki)

After looking at the complexion of her close friend, Tamaki continued.

“If you ingest an excessive amount of the Yanu Leaf, you gain the special condition『Deadly Poison』. Every minute it will drain 100 stamina. In addition, if your stamina becomes zero during this effect, the person dies. In other words, it doesn’t matter if they are confined in ice.” (Tamaki)

“I see….. Though, when did he it? I didn’t see such a gesture…” (Leadred)

“When I kissed Katsuragi.” (Tamaki)

Tamaki announced it as though it was nothing.

“I tore and held the Yanu Leaf in my mouth. I pretended to kill Katsuragi so that he could eat it. Therefore—-“ (Tamaki)

Tamaki gently brushed her close friend’s hair.

“……. Katsuragi didn’t throw away Shuri-chan, so you can stop acting now you know?” (Tamaki)

Her voice was very gentle, and had the power to make Shuri cry.

Shuri didn’t expect that she was seen through and her eyes darted from place to place, flustered.

“W-was I seen through?” (Shuri)

“Obviously. You’re my best friend.” (Tamaki)

“Just now…..Truly?” (Shuri)

“It’s the truth.” (Tamaki)

“…… B-but, still.” (Shuri)

“Ah, enough! If you’re uneasy just carry on as you have been! It’s so nice that you have been whispered word of love.  We annoying insects will run away!” (Tamaki)

Trying to cheer her up, Tamaki clapped Shuri on the back.

“Riajuu explosion! Leadred-san, let’s go!” (Tamaki) [TL: English doesn’t have a word for Riajuu so… it means ‘person who is fulfilled in life’.]

Tamaki took Leadred’s hand and proceeded to run off into the transferroom.

We are left alone.

Our glances naturally cross.

There is no one near us.

What Tamaki meant by doing that, what she expected to happen when she left, I understood.

“…… Katsuragi-kun…….. Do you like me?” (Shuri)

“Of course. Shuri, I love you more than anyone.” (Daichi)

In that case, I———.

After delaying for a few minutes, we joined them at the transfer magic formation. The area is filled with light, and only the last word needs to be said now.

“… Incidentally, it seems that we weren’t able to make a new companion.” (Shuri)

The original reason we came to this dungeon was remembered and said by Shuri who had regained her energy.

“There was no other way. Besides we wouldn’t want a guy like that as a companion. It doesn’t matter though, because I was able to obtain some good information.” (Daichi)

“What information? The next dungeon?” (Shuri)

“Well, something like that. Let’s go collect two allies.” (Daichi)

“Hee. Are they… more demons?” (Shuri)

“It’ll be fun to meet them. Then….. Shall we go?” (Daichi)

I look around for confirmations. Leadred shrugs, Shuri grasps my hand, and Tamaki watches with warm expression.

Everybody gave their acknowledgement through various reactions.

“3, 2, 1—-“ (Daichi)

““““Transfer!!”””” (Daichi, Leadred, Shuri, Tamaki)

We invoked the magic formation.

It flew up like a bright yellow sunflower and wraps around us, we were moved and hit by strong sunlight.

We returned from the【Labyrinth of the Sleeping Trance】.

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