Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-Another 1)

Story 2-Another 1 『Demon Goddess』

After Katsuragi Daichi’s group left, Fantra Angas was in the room, wrapped in silence.

He was pinned under a layer of ice, dead. However, he was the king of the undead.

He was able to revive himself using his magic. The restoration of his tattered body just completed.

Flinging away the heavy layer of ice, he began moving towards the transfer magic formation that Daichi’s group used with a look of rage.

“I’ll kill you……! This time I’ll kill you…!” (Fantra)

Fantra was born and raised pampered. He excelled in magic ability, and there was practically no one that could match him. He was particularly skilled in ice magic, and was considered the strongest in it.

Due to that, he held a large amount of pride and thought it impossible to lose to someone with less power than himself. One by one he would destroy the minds of talented magicians that showed promise.

Because of his nature he was banished by his country at a young age, and was attacked by a large number of demons in the frontier and killed.

Messiah commanded the demon army and chose to save him.

She recognized Fantra’s talent.

Fantra expressed his gratitude towards Messiah for giving him a second life, respecting her, and falling in love with her. It was unrelated that the one who killed him was her subordinate.

Dignified, with an upright back. Sophisticated mannerisms with no wasted movements. Beautiful black eyes like obsidian. Bare legs bewitchingly peeking out from her dress.

This was the impression Fantra had of Messiah.

—-Now, a girl whose appearance that was the opposite of that appeared before Fantra.

“….. Who are you, you bastard?” (Fantra)

Fantra sent the girl a suspicious glare. There was no way a young girl would make it to the underground of a dungeon like this alone.

As such he guessed that she was not an ordinary person, and made it so that he could use magic at any moment. If the sound from his finger rang out, it was his win.

Fantra had the special ability『Chant Substitution』.

It allowed him to replace the『Chanting Portion』with an『Action』to invoke the ability.

This power was given to him after being revived by the woman he fell in love with. It was proof of her love for him, and became his priceless treasure.

He used it on his opponents. He violated them with this power.

However, he was unable to use it on her.

Because he heard the girl’s voice.

“—You forgot who I am, Fantra?” (—)

Just a few words.

However, Fantra was unable mistake in that crystal clear voice. He would never forget it.

The voice of his dear, dear goddess.

He immediately kneeled on one knee, hanging his head down. Also, he began shedding tears. He was reunited with his master.

“You noticed at last.” (Messiah)

“This Fantra Angas’ actions are inexcusable! My conduct towards you was truly impolite… I shall accept any punishment!” (Fantra)

“There is no such need to humble yourself. It was because I came at my own convenience to see your face after such a long time.” (Messiah)

Fantra’s heart quivered upon hearing her words.

He wanted to raise his head so that the great goddess may see his face.

He wished to do this.

“So, will you raise your face? I wish to burn you into my memory.” (Messiah)

He relished every word and thoroughly reflected on each before letting them go.

He counted himself a very fortunate person. He didn’t care about Daichi’s group.

“That is fine with me… With pleasure.” (Fantra)

Fantra raised his head that had been lowered when as he said this.

He expected to see his dear woman’s face. However, Fantra’s vision was blocked by her hand on his face.

“Cremation Execution.” (Messiah)

One of the god-class magics that rule in this world, 『Cremation Execution』.

Eating the existence of what it burns, the fire would never extinguish. Even if you doused the flame with water or exposed it to a strong gust, as the name suggests with 『Cremation』, the hellfire would continue to burn single-mindedly until it is finished.

“Aaaaaaaah!?” (Fantra)

Not simply their body, but their entire existence would burn.

First, every memory. Next, the basis of existence, their soul. In the end it leaves an empty vessel.

In accordance with that, all of Fantra’s memories began to burn from beginning to end.

Past grudges, as well as his desire for Messiah.

Before long Fantra stopped his grief-ridden shouts. He couldn’t remember.

The sense of pain. Was it good when it hurt? How do you react? Even emotions began being lost.

『Why was I thrown away?』

『Why are you looking at me with those eyes?』

『Even though I am devoted to and love you, why?』

Even with that question, he was unable to ask in front of his God’s absurd strength.

“Ah……. Ueh……” (Fantra)

Unable to speak any words, the concept known as Fantra Angas became dust, and vanished from this world.

“……… Deletion completed. I fulfilled my promise, Hero-sama.” (Messiah)

She began to recall.

Not long ago, the boy who fought against Fantra died and came to see her.

After dying nine times with a body she had grown accustomed to, he came to the world where she exists.

However, it was premature.

He was killed as usual, though his soul was planned to be sent back, he performed an action for the first time.

He prostrated himself. [TN: Dogeza.]

『You can kill me as many times as you like, I don’t care. But please kill that undead guy.』

“—–Still, to ask something like that. You’ve already noticed who I am, haven’t you…” (Messiah)

She unintentionally let out a laugh while recalling it.

“Still, I didn’t make a mistake in choosing him……” (Messiah)

She placed both of her hands over her throbbing heart.

A gentle heart that contrasted with his cruel mind.

Ah…… I want to meet you again. Together we’ll destroy humanity, and dawn the recovery of this world…

“This was a service, Hero-sama.” (Messiah)

By erasing Fantra’s existence, his ability returned to her hand so that she may grant it to the girls that supported him.

I want to help him when I can, but that annoying goddess’ power won’t stop getting in the way so I can only grant one ability.

Though I am concerned, I told him where to go next, where there are two people who will assist him.

That guy and girl won’t imitate Fantra, so be relieved. They are some of my remaining subordinates, pure demons. Different from this deadbeat.

In her mind, she cursed the subordinate she killed.

“Besides, it seems like the girls at his side are crazy about him…” (Messiah)

If they join that child, it will only be a matter of time until all of my excellent subordinates are liberated.

I can see it, when I close my eyes I can see the gallant figure of a young man leading an army to fight against the human race.

This is the near future, it will surely become reality.


“Quickly…… Come to me, Daichi….” (Messiah)

Speaking out such a desire, the demon goddess—Messiah vanished from this place.


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          1. The line that says “By erasing Fantra’s existence, the power returned to her hand to grant to the girls that supported him.” Most likely means that she took back the power that she gave him, the one that replaces the chant with an action, to give to either Shuri or Tamaki(The girls that support him, him being the hero. It is also possible that she might give it to Leadred by that is unlikely because she probably already gave her a power in the past.)

            1. That’s what I assume it means, but I have no idea how to say that while being true to what the author wrote… >.<

  1. “—-I forgot who you were, Fantra?” (—–)

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          「だから、その顔をあげて? 貴方のことを記憶に焼き付けたい」
          Pretty sure Messiah’s the one asking him to raise his face.

          >>He relished every word and thoroughly chewed each over before letting them go.
          More like “He didn’t miss a single word and reflected on them so he could savor/relish the pleasure.”
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          Last half is something like “He didn’t care about about Daichi’s group.””どうでも” is probably supposed to be どうでもいい

          >>“That is fine with me….. With pleasure.” (Messiah) [TL: Not sure why, but my head isn’t wrapping around what she is meaning here. 「私でよければ……喜んで」]
          Fantra talking most likely. He’s saying “If she(Messiah) is fine with it/wishes that of me. I’ll do it with pleasure.”

          >>“—–Still, to say something like that. I had already noticed…..” (Messiah)
          More like: “To ask me that. you’ve already noticed, who I am haven’t you?”or so.

          >>By erasing Fantra’s existence, the power returned to her hand to grant to the girls that supported him. [TN: Pretty sure I have this line wrong… the ‘を隣’ is throwing me off I think. フォントラの存在を消したことにより、手元に舞い戻った力を彼を隣で支える少女たちに授ける。]
          Someone may have already pointed it out. But she’s thinking of granting that power she took from Fantra to one of the girls supporting Daichi.

          >>The girl subordinate can spew a venom that eats away at a person’s mind. [TN: Ugh. Messiah’s lines have been the hardest ones for me in a while and I have –no– idea why. 少女は心の中で先ほど自身が殺した部下に毒を吐く。]
          It’s saying in the core of the girl’s heart/mind she spews vemon at the her own subordinate she killed. spewing venom is a japanese phrase for something like cursing, shit talking, or insulting.

          >>“Because, this person is crazy about the one that child is replacing….” [TN: Don’t hurt me please ;_;「その分、代わりの子の方は彼に夢中だから任せても安心できる……」]
          Even I’m not 100% sure, but I’d wager it’s saying it’s something like the side of the girls/kids are in a daze for him, so she can be at ease and leave it to them. Whether she’s talking about Daichi’s side or the two subordinates he sent them to, I’m not sure. Based on context, I’d say the latter. But the former is my own intuition.

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  3. I’d actually be more surprised if Fantra didn’t get killed by the goddess. I mean he was beating up her champion while sprouting the lines of a yandere stalker…

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