Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-16)

Story 2-16『Revival』

Bad. This is very bad.

My entire body was covered with cold sweat.

Shuri-chan was done. She was pierced through the back. I want to immediately dash to where she is.

However, I need to be calm. If I am defeated here, we all really will be annihilated.

Originally I was going to have Shuri-chan break Leadred-san’s chains and make it a 3:1 fight.

However, Shuri has be struck down. Leadred-san has been restricted by chains that are physically impossible for me to destroy.

She was turning pale after body temperature was being sapped. Breathing must also be difficult. I think Leadred-san’s strength is what is keeping her alive.

In other words, I have no choice but to do everything alone.

“Ahahahahaha! It is regrettable, you! It was a precaution I took, just in case. I’m revived automatically if I lose consciousness one time in this room. In exchange, all of the crystals’ magic has been exhausted.” (Fantra)

Fantra raised his foot and tramped on Shuri’s head.

“It was painful you know? My whole body being hacked into pieces.” (Fantra)

He ground her head into the ground.

It’s no good. I will definitely pay for it. If I attack in a rage it will be The End.

I clutched my fists and dug in my fingernails in to endure it.

“I did not expect you to be able to move like that. I’ll make you my slave and put you in your place after I kill the hero…… Well.” (Fantra)

Both of his eyes turned to me.

“Open” (Tamaki)

Status confirmed. Remaining magic…… 1380. I shouldn’t use chant omission. I’ll use everything I have to escape.

I looked at my watch. Shuri earned about six minutes. Then, I have to double that to live.

Until then, I’ll attract his attention.

“You. That was unexpected a little while ago.” (Fantra)

“What?” (Tamaki)

Do not let him sense my fear. I must keep my confident atmosphere.

I must hide my area of expertise and put on airs and use my surroundings to survive.

I need to bluff……!

“The hero surely likes that girl…. But his favorite was not her!” (Tamaki)

“You are misunderstanding it…… he likes her. And I like him.” (Tamaki)

“Misunderstand? Still, so long as I was looking he only put his hand out for this girl. Rather, I remember you suffering abuse.” (Fantra)

“T-that is just the peculiar way Katsuragi displays his love! Because I have a body that feels pleasure from being beaten!” (Tamaki)

………. What am I saying about myself, I can’t believe this. Fantra laughed in derision.

“That so, that so? You are one of those so-called perverts then huh.” (Fantra)

“Y-yeah! I’m sinful!” (Tamaki)

I was desperate. Even if I was considered a pervert, it was fine. I’ll do whatever I need to disguise myself.

This compensation was cheap when compared with my life.

“Excuse me, but you should also have someone you love like crazy… Messiah-sama… Isn’t it? That woman, in what way does she love you?”

There’s a basis for conversation. A topic that my opponent is interested in.

He completely changed earlier and gave off an envy of Katsuragi. He’s sure to bite…!

“…… I see. You were stalling for time until he dies?” (Fantra)

Why, how did he collect himself at such a time….!?

“S-such a thing isn’t true. I was purely interested.” (Tamaki)

“Your lie is no good. Your voice is off. You can’t hide how you are shaking.” (Fantra)

U-……… I’m at a loss for words. Fantra started to speak proudly.

“It was disappointing, but inviting you all here did excite me. I defeated the hero. The person who was receiving Messiah-sama’s affection is gone. Now her affection will pour down upon me!” (Fantra)

Oh, god…… he was in a pose similar to a nun’s.

“Therefore, to the me now anything you do is useless. Give it up.” (Fantra)

“……. It’s different. I-“ (Tamaki)

“Tenacious.” (Fantra)

A sword of ice was shot at my feet. I immediately understood that he declared his intentions.

“Leadred can’t move. This slave girl will die, and the hero cannot die while in that ice.” (Fantra)

Fantra snaps his fingers continuously, *Pachi* *Pachi* *Pachin*.

With a sword of ice in his right hand, an ice shield and icy stones appeared to surround him.

“Desperation. You, the weakest of these four, are a trifling matter at most!” (Fantra)

Fantra took one step, and again took another step shortening the gap between us. I match him and retreat.

“…… Now, how many minutes can you survive?” (Fantra)

His words signal the start of the fight.

“Then. To start, here.” (Fantra)

The icy stones that were floating in the air were fired simultaneously. It was if rain was pouring.

“Triple Guard” (Tamaki)

I put three layers of ice at intervals to jump from one to the other like stairs. When I reached the last one, where I was on the floor was decimated.

“Strong as usual…..!” (Tamaki)

“Hey! Is it safe to look away from me!?” (Fantra)

“I know, shut up!” (Tamaki)

A second volley of the icy stones were shot. Though I jumped down this time to evade, he didn’t overlook it.

“Soora!” (Fantra)

Fantra came to close quarters combat.

I have no way to manipulate my body in the air like Katsuragi can.

Therefore, I can do nothing but confront him head on.

“Freezing Lance” (Tamaki)

I defend against the sword with a spear made of the same thing.

“You were also a user of the same ice magic!” (Fantra)

“I was holding back!” (Tamaki)

Fantra’s body was kicked back from the colliding powers, and lands after a single rotation. I turned my body, and ran with all my strength.

“……..Hmph.  Well, it’s fine. You’ll die anyways. I keep you company in a game of tag.” (Fantra)

One-by-one, Fantra fired his icy stones rapidly. At times I used the Threefold Ice Layer to defend, others by rotating the lance centered on my wrist to deflect them. Even then it couldn’t be helped that I was hit by some dead-on.

“Freeze!” (Tamaki)

I aimed at the floor under Fantra’s feet to get him to slip. However, he was able to run unimpeded, with composure as though he wasn’t affected by it at all.

“Oioi, child’s play?” (Fantra)

Fantra lowered his foot on purpose and divided the film of ice. Seeing the situation, I chuckle.

This trap was improvised to camouflage something. Shuri-chan’s wound was frozen.

Shuri is not dead, she has only fainted from the aftereffects of『Demon Killing』. That is how I interpret her falling after being attacked from behind from that guy.

It will be bad if she gets too cold, but it should be no problem if it only for a short time.

I just need to imitate this a bit longer.

If I pour magic into her, Shuri-chan should be able to use healing magic to repair the hole.

Confirming that the wound is safely closed with ice, emergency treatment was completed and I attracted his attention.

I stopped trying to escape.

“Oya? Are we done playing tag?” (Fantra)

“Yes. Because you will be defeated where you stand.” (Tamaki)

“Heh….. That was a merry jest, you.” (Fantra)

Fantra spread out his palms.

“Its fine, try it. I’ll wait for you to cast your magic.” (Fantra)

“Thank you very much for your kindness. As I am weak, I’ll accept your kindness.” (Tamaki)

I threw out an obstructive Freezing Lance. He broke it easily.

“……..I never would have thought, this was your trump card?” (Fantra)

“It was just a jest. Next is the real thing.” (Tamaki)

I placed my hands together in front of me and began the chant.

“Spirits of ice, become that shield that defends me. Threefold Ice Layer.” (Tamaki) [TN: This author is very inconsistent with his spells names.]

Three layers of shields appear in front of my palms.

“Fu……. Consolidating your defenses? Those three ice layers won’t be able to defend against my attack.” (Fantra)

“I wonder about that? By all means go for it. Or does the strongest ice magician wish to run away in fear?” (Tamaki)

“………. I won’t be fooled by provocation.” (Fantra)

“Oh, unfortunate. Then, how about this? Threefold Ice Layer.” (Tamaki)

Three more shields appear ahead of the others.

“Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer. Threefold Ice Layer.” (Tamaki)

Thirty shields of ice were prepared. I filled the area between Fantra and I up to its capacity with them.

Already, I’m at the limit of my magic. I feel dizzy. But, I won’t give in.

I pulled my arm in until my hand reached my chest.

“—–Shields aren’t used only in defense.” (Tamaki)

I pushed them out with my other palm in a straight thrust.

The thirty layers of ice crash into Fantra at the same time, pushing him into the wall with great force.

“Gu-……! However, with this level…… Freeze Gun!” (Fantra)

Directly from Fantra’s hand, a bullet of ice was shot at the wall. However, it remained as it only broke the first two layers.

“What!?” (Fantra)

Fantra expressed his astonishment.

The conversation from before was foreshadowing this. I purposely used recognizable provocation.  And as he knows the rank of the Threefold Ice Layer, I chanted everything.

I predicted that Fantra would definitely use soul-class magic.

And this was the point. That guy wins with magic of the same class. This fact cannot be changed and is providence of the world. Therefore, Fantra would also use soul-class.

However, he doesn’t know. I have the『Witch of Freezing』special ability.

“Goooooooooooo!” (Tamaki)

The surging group of ice layers nailed Fantra to the wall. Like this, it was crushing him, then movement stopped.

“Ooooooh!” (Fantra)

Fantra, just like me, was pushing on the high class layers.

“Ku-…….!” (Tamaki)

“Ha-……!” (Fantra)

We directly opposed each other. The ice layers didn’t budge at all. I exhausted myself earlier.

“Aaaaah!” (Tamaki)

He got his revenge on me. I was thrown at the wall, and I feebly fell down.

However, I overflowed with satisfaction. I saw my wristwatch. As expected, the target time was reached.

With this, I fulfilled my role.

“That was a good plan. You put me into a bitter situation.” (Fantra)

Fantra drew close to Katsuragi who was still covered in ice.

“But you and the other girl were the highlights. This guy was a letdown. It would have been impossible anyway, to become the hero of a demon.” (Fantra)

“….. Is that so? Even though those two got along fine. Hey…… for example, they don’t know when to give up.” (Tamaki)

“That isn’t persuasive even when said in this situation.” (Fantra)

Fantra’s ice poked Katsuragi. He completely feels as though he has already won.

“Though its fine to leave it as it is… I must reward you. I will kill this fellow in your presence. Freezing Lance.” (Fantra)

“Eh……? You’ll do what? You know he’ll revive when killed right?” (Tamaki)

“I am aware. There is also a time lag.” (Fantra)

“S-stop! Don’t kill him! It isn’t needed anymore! Don’t hurt him!” (Tamaki)

When I give that sorrowful cry, Fantra looks pleased.

“That’s good. That expression. That excites me the most. I want to see—–what you look like when he is killed!” (Fantra)

Fantra aimed and drove the spear at Katsuragi’s head in the ice.

“……. Huh…………….?” (Fantra)

——The tip was caught and stopped.

By what? A hand.

Who’s? A certain person’s.

It was stopped by a hand that was thrust out from the ice crystal.

“H-how!? My ice, how!?” (Fantra)

Fantra retreated trembling.

It was inevitable.

Because the hand belonged to the boy who was confined until now.

The cracks extended from the broken part like a branch. The sound of the ice’s destruction acted as a countdown.

And then, it shattered completely.

“Ah…….. Ah………………….!” (Fantra)

Fantra looked dumbfounded, standing where he was with the spear pointing at him.

The boy who completed his revival grabbed that person’s face.

It was not possible for him to hide the blood thirst seeping from his body.

“—–Yo, Fantra. I came back from hell to kill you personally.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi Daichi put on a devilish smirk, and said so.

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