Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-15)

Story 2-15 『Demon Killing』

“Ah…….” (Shuri)

When I got up, Katsuragi-kun and Yui-chan were kissing.

Suddenly, when I heard the screams of sorrow, I had forgotten myself and shot a Berserk Tempest at Fantra.

My enemy also invoked ice emperor-class magic. I lacked composure this time. I had forgotten that it was deplorable to clash the same class of magic against each other.

Naturally, my magic lost when it collided with 『Ice Jail Prison』. However, it was still good.

It was my mistake. It would have been my responsibility even if I died. I believed that Katsuragi-kun would surely win.

However, I was blown out of the way. By my close friend, Yui-chan.

She talked to me for a long time when we were on the road, apologizing and worrying. I returned it with a cold behavior.

Despite all that, she tried to protect me with her body. Perhaps, so that day would not be repeated….

However, it was still too early to be surprised.  There was a person who pushed Yuina outside of range as well.


He is a gentle person. A person with a very, very warm heart. A person who makes others happy.

He saved me. Back then, he didn’t give up, even though the number of cruel things I did to him weren’t few.

He is such a person. Yuina-chan might not have been able to leave him alone. He is an important existence that can lavish everyone with his kindness.

There was a pain in my chest.

And now, my fears became reality.

Katsuragi French kissed Yui-chan. She didn’t show an unpleasant reaction, and responded.

His body abruptly lost strength.

Katsuragi-kun said something to Yui-chan. Katsuragi-kun smiled back when Yui-chan answered.

And then, he was confined in ice.

“….. Ah…… ah…..” (Shuri)

What did Katsuragi-kun say? Yui-chan must have come to like him.

No, after disliking him to that extent it is impossible for something like that.

There’s only one way to make sure.

From his mouth, from Katsuragi’s mouth, I want to hear it.

I want him to say『It’s different』.

I want him to tell me『I like only Shuri』.

I want him to embrace me.『Mine』

To do that, for that reason.

“………. Have to kill.” (Shuri)

That guy, I have to kill the man who is laughing loudly at Katsuragi-kun being covered in ice.

I slowly, unsteadily get up.

My thoughts are scrambled.

Sloppy. They are chaotic.

Then, in that case, I must throw them away.

I only need to think of killing him now. So, I do just that.  As long as Katsurag-kun lives, it is fine.

“Demon Killing, invoke.” (Shuri) [TN: Reminder for all, this is her limit release ability that doubles her stats for a limited time.]

My body that seemed to be severely weighted down like lead became light.

I don’t have time. I have to end it within five minutes.

“Oya? You still wish to fight? With me even. Do you not understand the difference in our strength from the magic contest a moment ago?” (Fantra)

“If it isn’t magic, I will win.” (Shuri)

If magic is a threat, it is fine to just not let it be used. The me right now can do such a thing.

“You are foolish! To try such a thing!” (Fantra)

“I won’t know unless I try.  Well, let’s start.” (Shuri)

I cut the air several times with my dagger….. Yeah, fast.

“I’m willing to overlook this you know? Right now, I feel terrific. Moreover you and I have both been thrown away. I don’t have a hobby in beating up brokenhearted women.” (Fantra)

“….. Shut up. I haven’t been thrown away. That was necessary.” (Shuri)

Yeah. Katsuragi will do anything that is necessary. I won’t hesitate because I must kill this person. I trust Yui-chan has come up with a strategy to overcome this situation.

I move in rhythmic light steps with a *TonTon*. I close my eyes and concentrate on my awareness.

“….. Oh, this might be good. Then become nourishment for my magic!” (Fantra)

Fantra snapped his fingers.

At that time, I—–accelerated.

Just a little, it didn’t even take a second.

Faster than the eye can see, I ran around behind Fantra.

“……… Eh?” (Fantra)

Fantra hadn’t noticed yet. I pulled my arm behind my back.

“Here.” (Shuri)

“Eh………!?” (Fantra)

My fist exploded in his face. Fresh blood erupted at the moment of impact.

“……………….!” (Fantra)

He stepped back unsteadily after losing his eyesight and hearing, and with a *Pachin* snapped his fingers.

A mass of light concentrated around his face, restoring it.

“Y-you! What in the world are you!?” (Fantra)

I hit him hard in the face again. However, this time there was a layer of ice to act as a cushion in response.

Distancing from him would be dangerous.

I drew closer to a dagger’s distance from him and engaged in physical combat.

“Yaa!” (Shuri)

“Multiple Ice Wall! Multi-Guarder!”  (Fantra)

When he understood that it was not possible to prevent me with a layer of ice, he instantly switched to an ice wall. I predicted this.

I took off rotating in the air and launched into an axe kick. Fantra was unable to conceal his surprise at the abrupt change of course.

“Gu-……!” (Fantra)

He crossed his arms above him to receive the attack and took it. Fantra’s guard was broken by the ballistic shock, as easily as snapping pond weeds.

“Aaaahhh!?” (Fantra)

Fantra glared at me while screaming from intense pain.

“You, how dare you! Ice—“ (Fantra)

“No you don’t!” (Shuri)

He flew to the wall from a kick before his chant was completed. A large crater is made on the wall, and he falls feebly without the power to get up.

I cannot let this chance go. Before Fantra has a chance to regenerate, I cut off his arms.

I did not slow the attacks with my hand.

Gripping his neck, I throw him at the wall. I hit him with a right roundhouse kick followed by a right straight.  I used the roundhouse kick because it has the highest destructive power before driving him in with the straight.

His head hanged loosely, and was no longer breathing.

“Because of you, Katsuragi-kun is…..” (Shuri)

I aimed by dagger at his heart and tore at him with all of my strength. Altering its position to an underhanded grip, I swung at him.

Vertically, diagonally, sideways.

I cut him into pieces. Finely, so that he would never appear in front of us again.

He became a lump of meat.

I finally stopped cutting him with my dagger when I became nauseated. Nothing left of the remnants before me looked human.

“Haa……. haa…… haa…..” (Shuri)

I killed him.

His skull was crush, his heart split, his body sundered. He is unable to make use of his fingers to activate the crystals, nor capable of chanting magic.

I did it. With this Katsuragi will return!

I was wrapped in a sense of accomplishment and glanced in his direction expecting that.

However, Katsuragi-kun was still in the ice.

“….. Eh, why……?” (Shuri)

Fantra was defeated. He was deprived of life by my hands.

Yet…. Why is Katsuragi not free!?

Was the requirement different!? Does Fantra have to cancel the magic……? Or is there another cause?

“Shuri-chan! Behind you!” (Tamaki)

Yui-chan’s voice brought me out of my thoughts and returned me to reality.

Turning around, I saw Fantra’s regeneration almost completed and was approaching me with sword in hand. I tried to avoid him by stepping back—-suddenly, my body received many times the effect of gravity, and was only able to take a single step.

Why…… This timing, the effects from Demon Killing ended……

My chest was pierced and I collapsed on the spot.




By the way, here is Shuri’s status during this fight:


Hamakaze Juri     Occupation: Slave    Level: 72







※『Loyalty』『Demon killing』Simultaneous activation.

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