Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (2-14)

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Story 2-14 『Someone Loved, Someone Unloved, Someone Who Loves』

I smiled fearlessly so that Fantra would not see me shaking from his sudden declaration of war.

“…… Oi oi. Being that cruel from the start. Let’s get along.” (Daichi)

“Saying something like that is an amusing joke, Hero. Did you really think that? With your abilities, you aren’t worth serving.” (Fantra)

“Even without fighting, you say something like that.” (Daichi)

“It’s fine to say. Well, I’ve seen all of your fights.” (Fantra)

Fantra picked up the crystal that was laying horizontally in a cup next to the throne, showing it to us.

“Do you all know why the dungeon was lined with this crystal?” (Fantra)

“…… To drive us mad?” (Daichi)

“Nonsense. Its purpose is to observe adventurers. I slowly give the crystal some of my magic. And, everything infused with my magic becomes my eyes, my hands, and my feet. It becomes my servant.” (Fantra)

Fantra continued talking proudly.

“Because of that I was able to receive and appreciate your fights on each floor. Though Leadred being here surprised me….. Your battles were beautifully unintelligent.” (Fantra)

Fantra jeered at us. He scornfully laughed with a *Foon* sound.

If I got mad I would fight and die like an idiot. I was getting annoyed.

“Beauty has nothing to do with fighting though?” (Daichi)

“It does. Though possible, a person that possesses a surplus of ability can’t just go to defeat his enemy and kill them.  Something like tying with you would be out of the question. I have plans for every situation to some extent, you see.” (Fantra)

Finishing with all he wanted to say, Fantra stood up at last.

“Therefore, I will teach you. The viewpoint of a person of war.” (Fantra)

He thrust his right hand out. What kind of attack will he begin with, we begin taking this into consideration and prepare for the various possibilities.

“Bloom—-Ice Flower” (Fantra)

He snapped his fingers. The crystals at his feet cracked and from the fissures a flower that wore an air of absolute zero bloomed. It stole the heat.

“”””Fireball! “””” (Daichi, Tamaki, Shuri, Leadred)

All four judged that the situation was dangerous and shot a fireball at their own feet, slightly escaping the restraints.

Though we’d probably be burned, it was much more preferable to being imprisoned in ice.

“You judged the situation and used Fire magic without hesitation. To the extent that you would injure yourselves, I would have expected the fear of pain to stop you from doing so.” (Fantra)

“This way is better than dying.” (Daichi)

“Foolish. You will die without pain encased in ice.” (Fantra)

“Sorry, but this isn’t that place I’m scheduled to die!” (Daichi)

I severed my feet with a swing of my sword and kicked off the ground keeping a low profile. Fantra dodged by jumping. However, Leadred had broken into a run with me. Her longsword swung full speed at Fantra to reap his consciousness.

His eyes were fixed on my slashing attack. Leadred was in his blind spot.

The attack is unavoidable!

“Multi-Guard!” (Fantra) [TN: Kanji for Multiple Layers of Ice]

Countering my expectations, the shield of ice prevented Leadred’s surprise attack. Fantra was superior in this exchange and never broke his composure.

However, we are not two people. We are four.

Tamaki who had been hiding behind Leadred and Shuri who took a long path around when Fantra jumped to dodge each invoked magic.

“Freezing Lance!” (Tamaki)

“Cyclone!” (Shuri)

The speed, as well as power I have nothing to complain about. Both of the girls displayed an equally perfect performance.

However, neither reached him.

“Therefore, because of your skillful display! Ice Stream” (Fantra)

*Snap, Snap*

Their magic was flung away and smashed into the crystals in another direction, a large amount of ice began to overflow and swallow their magic.

It followed the magic back to them freezing everything along the way.

“Shuri!” (Daichi)

I jumped at her and we both rolled horizontally over the floor to escape.

Around the same time an explosive sound echoed through the air. Though slightly obscured by steam, there was the form of a demon fighting back with balls of flame.

Exposing the ice to high temperatures, it sublimated.

Skillfully overdoing it, Leadred landed near us.

“Are there no injuries?” (Leadred)

“Light scratches. Nothing that would be an obstacle in combat. Apart from that I need you to listen…. Shuri and Tamaki, I want you to destroy the crystal. During that time, Leadred and I will distract that creepy guy.” (Daichi)

Realizing the importance the crystal’s offense and defense was to the fight the two immediately took action.

So, Leadred and I did the same.

“Though it’ll be hard for Leadred, bare this burden.” (Daichi) [TN: Can’t figure out. Halp.「リードレッドには悪いけど、俺と外れ役を担ってもらうぞ」]

“Don’t worry. Besides, I’ve wanted to fight him. This is just a good chance.” (Leadred)

She was indeed having fun and laughing vibrantly. This fellow really does enjoy fighting.

“I appreciate you saying that.” (Daichi)

Informing her of my gratitude, I face back forward. As usual, Fantra displayed a sad face, sighing.

“Are you foolish? Saying that? The crystal is also my eyes. Even if you start a diversified attack, I can see through it.” (Fantra)

“There’s no reason to believe what you are saying.” (Daichi)

“Though, with this will you understand? After all this crystal is also a part of my body.” (Fantra)

“Fortunately, if this crystal disappears your war potential will also lower drastically.” (Daichi)

“I see, and those girls are to concentrate only on breaking the crystal?” (Fantra)

He threw a sidelong glance at Shuri’s group.

Of course, I have no reason to let him to go over there.

Leadred shot an Ogre Flame. Fantra threw a ball of ice in response.

“Your opponents are us you know?” (Daichi)

“Leadred……. Why a woman like you would fall and group with a hero, it is a mystery. Though it would be unexpected….. Were you defeated?” (Fantra)

“Ah. Your beloved strategies will be defeated. The hero’s cooperation exceeded my expectations…… Hey, Fantra. I believe this existence will become one that will guide us. How about it? Can’t we group together?” (Leadred)

“You are well aware of my character, Leadred. Either he loses or defeats me and gains everything.” (Fantra)

“Well, that response was expected. Then, how about we start?” (Leadred)

Leadred moved her saliva patterned sword’s pommel vertical to the ground in advance. She dropped her waist a little, moving her right heel back.

I also pointed my sword to him so that a line could extend out and intersect with his throat.

Responding to us, he produced an ice sword and just like the royal palace swordsmen he drew his right arm close and put his right leg out, taking a half body stance. The posture looks like fencing.

“““………………””” (Daichi, Fantra, Leadred)

We faced him. Silence permeated the air. The first to break the stillness of the water’s surface——.

“Quick!” (Leadred)

—– Was Leadred.

Fantra retreated from the shockwave caused by her sword’s downward swing. In order to not give him a chance to regain his posture I changed my grip to an underhand grip.

A red line appeared aimed towards Fantra’s body.

“Line Drive!” (Daichi)

“Multi-Guard!” (Fantra) [TN: Kanji for Multiple Walls of Ice]

The ice wall was crushed into pieces. I had to take care of pieces that were scattered.

Closing the distance in a step, I struck. Fantra took a risk and crouched with a leg sweep.

I acted as though I fell for it and stabbed him with my sword. Fantra took the thrust.

“Yo…. o-!?” (Daichi)

I, who loosened my tension because the attack was sure to hit, was thrown overhead. Turning around mid-air, I landed on my feet was saw an icy knife thrown towards me.

“Ku-!  Wind Slice!” (Daichi)

With my frantic blade of wind, I suppressed it and was knocked sideways with a light cut on my cheek.

“Oraa!” (Daichi)

“Foon!” (Fantra) [TL: This dude’s sounds make me lol]

Leadred and I performed a pincer attack. Fantra caught her longsword between his fingers. An ice wall appeared, and Wind Slice was used in response.

“I didn’t hear a chant!” (Daichi) ?

“Sword Freeze!” (Fantra)

I followed suit and attacked just after. He stopped my attack by creating another ice sword with his empty hand.

The moment our swords met, an unpleasant *Paki* sound was heard. Ice corroded my sword.

“Seiya-!” (Daichi)

Fantra jumped and spun like a spinning top. Though I tried to counter him, the centrifugal force joined his attack and broke my abdomen.

I threw the handle of my broken sword in response. It missed.

Leadred repeated a backhand spring away, while I took a step backwards to gain some distance.

“Tch…. Fighting against him is as unpleasant as usual….” (Leadred)

“Ah…. It kinda seems there’s too much of a difference in our strength right?” (Daichi)

I rock my shoulder and breathe, even Leadred’s brow is sweating.

Nevertheless, Fantra’s breathing hasn’t increased at all. No sweat, and he still has on that faintly cold smile. Furthermore there is a problem……

The hole from the part that I pierced is empty. However, there is no red liquid that should have been coming out from there.

Like this, is he an undead……?

“Uuu~n, you still have some ways to go. Even if I assume you can’t use all of your power because Leadred is in the room, for a hero cooperating with her to only be able to wound me ….. It’s hard to express how disappointed I am.” (Fantra)

The sole wound from a moment ago, the light from the crystal erased it.

“Are you coming to grasp the situation you are in now?” (Fantra) [TL: Think I missed something of what he’s trying to say here. 「もう少し状況を把握して動いたらどうだい?」]

“You made us come to you after ensnaring your territory with traps.” (Daichi)

He was actually able to absorb the crystal. There was almost no crystal left in our vicinity.

Shuri’s group consisted of half of us and was working hard to decrease its amount.

Though I didn’t understand the mechanism of his nonexistent chanting, it wasn’t impossible to read the cause, just hard.

The longer this was prolonged, the more unfavorable this guy would become. The progress of battle would decline.

With these four, it was possible to fight. To kill.

I breathed in heavily, and vomited.

After this is the crucial moment.

“Prepare for me to kill you and become my slave.” (Daichi)

As I said so, my concentration improved again. I took position in an area that had no crystal.

The present conditions were perfect.

—–Nevertheless, Fantra looked at us and begins to laugh loudly.

“Enslave me? It is impossible! Because, you still have not understood!” (Fantra)


The sound of Fantra’s fingers snapping remained in my ear eerily.

“—When did I say that I was only able to invoke magic from unused crystals?” (Fantra)

I simultaneously understood the meaning of his words with the ice spear piercing me through the chest.

“…….. Goho-!?” (Daichi)

Blood began to spill from my mouth. I began to collapse but endured it, though only remained on one knee.

Though, this is dangerous. I know because I’ve experienced this many times. The pain of death.

My head was filled with intense pain. No blood streamed from the wound. The spear emanated cold air that froze my body.

“….. Aaa!” (Daichi)

Ignoring the pain from the attack by shutting my teeth by force, I pulled out the ice spear. As a blessing in disguise the wound was already frozen, so it didn’t hurt as much.

“Hero-sa—–gu-!” (Leadred)

Leadred tried to jump over but fell to the floor when a chain of ice started entangling around her feet and killed her momentum. With the chain twining around her as it was, she was unable to move.

“Shit, this ice! Oni—“ (Leadred)

“Freeze” (Fantra)

“————!?” (Leadred)

In order to stop Leadred’s magic chant, her mouth was frozen.

“Leadred. Be quiet and sit still for a little while. I also don’t want to kill a comrade…… now then.” (Fantra)

“Aga……!“ (Daichi)

“I will not tolerate you, hero.” (Fantra)

I was pulled up by the hair and subsequently hit. This was repeated over and over again.

Nose broke. Teeth broke. Cheek caved in. Constant pain until all feeling was lost. Only my right eye was barely functioning.

Fantra’s face was distorted like a sadist. A face like Samejima’s. A criminal who gets pleasure from hurting another person.

“…… I am weak…. huh?” (Daichi)

“That is so. However, the most inexcusable thing….. Messiah fell in love with you!” (Fantra) [TL:  o.0 ]

His anger surged again, I was thrown and he trampled on my wound.

“Uwahhh!?” (Daichi)

The ice that closed the wound cracked and once again the pain came back. Even hearing my screams this guy’s anger is not calmed at all.

“To receive Messiah-sama’s affection to this degree and given that power, someone of my greatness and as one who has received the goddesses’ affection will not permit it!” (Fantra)

It’s painful. Stop it. Stop it….!

“You stole it! I forever have and always will bequeath my heart to her!” (Fantra)

Don’t you know? The one who gave me power is Claria. Not the demon.

“Therefore, I am proving that I am stronger than you by defeating you here. Then, she’ll notice me too! You are disillusioned to think you can defeat me, I am the one who is loved!!” (Fantra)

I had neither a response nor the energy to do so. Preferably he kills me soon. And then, I’ll kill him after strengthening.

After stepping on me and becoming satisfied, Fantra moved his foot away while breathing roughly.

“Be at ease. I’ll put you in order after you taste the same pain as me.” (Fantra)

I had a bad feeling from his remark. It became reality.

“First of all, that important girl over there, I’ll kill that important girl!” (Fantra)

Fantra removed what blocked line of sight between Shuri and me, reddened with my own blood, with his hand.

“You….. How dare you do that to Katsuragi-kun!!” (Shuri)

She piled her hands on top of each other, projecting them out in front of her.

“Ah, that won’t help! Shuri-chan!” (Tamaki)

“Oh? Going to challenge me with magic? Interesting.” (Fantra)

Boiling with anger, she shakes off the composed Tamaki and begins to recite magic. I don’t know when she memorized it, the chant for the magic that I am skilled in.

“Emperor of wind. Thou, hew down the one who obstructs this one’s noble path!” (Shuri)

“Emperor of ice. Thou, freeze the one who obstructs this one’s noble path!” (Fantra)

Stop it, Shuri. Run away. Don’t assault him directly, run away. Today, you can’t win.

However, absolute command cannot be used. My intentions don’t reach her.

“Blow, Storm King of Military Rule, establish here. Turn everything to dust, and return all to the Earth!” (Shuri)

Move. Move it. Scrape just a little more strength together. You only have to move even a little. Therefore, move. Please, move.

“Berserk Tempest!!” (Shuri)

“Blizzard Prison!” (Fantra)

The emperor-class magics manifested at almost the same time and crashed into each other.

When magic of the same class collides with each other, what decides the victor?

The answer is easy. Strength.

“Ku-!” (Shuri)

According to the law, Shuri is pushed. At this rate, she will become victim to that ice.

Such a thing won’t do.

“Wiiiiiind!!” (Daichi)

The word that was finally spoken became a trigger, the wind supported my body so that it wouldn’t fall. Moreover, my speed was increased heading to where she was.

However, it’s still not in time.

Shuri is done for.

In addition, Heaven-Style Wind was added.

Be in time, be in time, be in time!

I felt in a hurry. Only a mere few seconds after invoking the magic felt like hours.

Shuri was in a steadily worsening situation.

—-This time, I had forgotten.

“Shuri-chan!!” (Tamaki)

There was one more person who thought of her as important.

Tamaki jumped to Shuri and pushed her out of the way.

Tamaki was now in the same spot she had been in.

Shuri went out of range of that guy’s magic. Her safety was guaranteed.

I didn’t need to go there any more.

………………. However.

“Rejected.” (Daichi)

“Kya-“ (Tamaki)

I didn’t release the magic, and thrust Tamaki away to Shuri.

“Ka-Katsuragi…..!?” (Tamaki)

Tamaki looked at me with eyes of disbelief.

“Don’t misunderstand. It is my duty to help Shuri.” (Daichi)

I wanted to say that, I am satisfied.

That guy’s magic rained down.

“Triple Guard!” (——)

I heard someone’s voice recite magic, my view was dyed pure white.


“Rejected.” (Daichi)

“Kya-“ (Tamaki)

Even though it would defend Shuri, I dashed out recklessly without thinking about anything.

Shuri would be pushed, I would be the magic’s victim.

Nevertheless, Katsuragi is there.

“Ka-Katsuragi…..!?” (Tamaki)

When that man glanced at me, he said.

“Don’t misunderstand. It is my duty to help Shuri.” (Daichi)

Why did you come to help? Why does Shuri follow this man?

For an instant, I saw why.

I had thought that Shuri was compulsed to interact with this guy. Since this situation seemed to be like one of Katsuragi’s favorite anime, because Shuri was following this man to the point of delirium.

However, Katsuragi was enduring the pain, despite the hole in his chest, he came to defend Shuri though he was already collapsing.

I saw no hesitation from him.

I was coming to help Shuri-chan without even reflecting on his death.

Until the ice magic dissolves, to the extent that the pain is not felt until destroyed, it is not possible to die.

In other words, Katsuragi’s ability would not activate.

Katsuragi, to that extent—–he loves Shuri so much.

While thinking so, I naturally opened my mouth.

“Triple Guard!” (Tamaki)

The layers of the soul-class ice magic was placed over Katsuragi’s upper body. Though I wanted to defend his whole body, I know that my magic would not stand a chance. Therefore, the area was shrank to raise its strength.

So long as Katsuragi can safely commit suicide, 『Revenge of the Resented』can be invoked.

Fantra’s magic covered Katsuragi and ran out. The places that were covered by my triple ice layers were safe.

“Katsuragi!” (Tamaki)

I ran up to Katsuragi. As for the lower half of his body, it was mortifyingly frozen.

“Are you alright, Katsuragi!?” (Tamaki)

“…. If you are worrying about me some sort of natural disaster must have happened…..” (Daichi)

“Sh-shut up! ….. I was wrong!” (Tamaki)

Katsuragi’s face looked confused. As though he was seeing a rare animal.

“…… You’re serious, did you hit your head?” (Daichi)

“Making such a joke in this situation!? You can heal like you did before! It’s difficult to say something like this but, could you die?” (Tamaki)

“No, my arms were frozen. It’s impossible.” (Daichi)

“Then, I’ll kill you.” (Tamaki)

“A senior slave cannot attack the master.” (Daichi)

“Oh, come on! In that case, your pouch, I’ll look through it!” (Tamaki)

I looked through Katsuragi’s pouch. A potion….. the yanu leaf wrapped in 3 pieces of cloth, a map. Provisions….

It’s no good. No fruit of Freya can cure the frozen condition!

While searching for something, Katsuragi’s freezing continued.

“Katsuragi! Do you not have anything!?” (Tamaki)

“……………….. Wait. Here …………” (Daichi)

Katsuragi suddenly gripped my shoulders and brought his face to my here. Then, he murmured something into my ear.

“—–!?” (Tamaki)

“Sh-Shuri-chan, bring her…..” (Tamaki)

“This isn’t this time for that, there is a possibility that he will target Shuri. For Shuri’s sake it is more convenient like this.”  (Daichi)

“B-but I also… It’s my first time….” (Tamaki)

“Is that something you should say in this situation?” (Daichi)

“D-do you think so?” (Tamaki)

“Yeah.” (Daichi)

Katsuragi was determined. I also understand why this is necessary.

The preparation from now must be done immediately.

“If it’s unpleasant, I’ll will use absolute command.” (Daichi)

“I-it’s different! A-at least, my timing….” (Tamaki)

“Though it’s unfortunate, there is no time to have hesitation.” (Daichi)

“…. I understand! I know!” (Tamaki)

I put my lips on Katsuragi’s and he entrusted his energy to me. I didn’t think that Katsuragi would be forceful, but he violated my mouth with his tongue without reservation.

Th-this guy….!

However, it was strange to find that I didn’t find it that unpleasant.

“Puha……” (Tamaki)

The long kiss ended, and I was liberated.

“I entrust it all to you. I’ll gamble it on your friendship with Shuri.” (Daichi)

Friendship. These kinds of things were impossible to the Katsuragi that entered high school.

I’m sure that he has also long forgotten those things, as he was able to entrust his, Leadred’s and Shuri’s fate to the person who he trusted the least.

Then, a response was necessary.

Because I will not allow my friendship with Shuri to lose to anyone.

“Leave it to me. My friendship with Shuri is one hundred times as strong as yours. Without fail —– I will win.” (Tamaki)

Hearing my declaration full of overflowing confidence, Katsuragi smiled.

And so he went to sleep in the ice.

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