Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (4-7)

Story 4-7Search for the Goddess


We used our bodies to run at full speed.

Opening our fields of view, paying close attention to everything, and looking everywhere.

It couldn’t be said we were going leisurely. We couldn’t stay here long to be attacked by the people from Claria’s Religion. Already, we couldn’t afford to stay here.

“Katsuragi-sama, did you find it!?” (Arianne)

“No, not yet! Do you still have stamina, Arianne!?” (Daichi)

“Leave it to me! This much is nothing!” (Arianne)

Arianne concealed her accumulated fatigue and acted steadfast.

Since some time ago, she has been running around to exchange information between Leadred, me, and Lily. Selen is doing the same in reverse. I’m sure the burden on the girls compared to us due to our status values is unimaginable.

Investigating this way is also almost complete. We decided that although it is hard on the two that haven’t received the goddess’ divine protection we’ll continue on as we have been. That said, even though they have nothing to do with it they’re doing really good.

I can’t thank them enough.

“Alright! When we’re done I’ll do anything! So please do your best!” (Daichi)

“Anything!? I want Katsuragi-sama to vent his lust on me!” (Arianne)

“Hurry up and go to Lily, slut!” (Daichi)

“Oh-!? What!?” (Arianne)

I blew Arianne away with wind magic towards where I felt the presence of Lily’s magic. With that she should be able to have a small rest.

By no means I was caught by my personal feelings. I was just taking care of her.

“Katsuragi-san!” (Selen)

This time I heard a delicate yet firm voice from my left. It was Selen, who came from where Lily is.

However, seeing that her cheeks were flushed and was breathing roughly, I understood she ran at her top speed.

“What’s the matter, Selen?” (Daichi)

“Lily-san! The entrance, she said she found it!” (Selen)

“What!? Seriously!?” (Daichi)

“She said there was no doubt! She said that since it would be troublesome if an enemy found it, she went in first! I know the approximate location!” (Selen)

… I’m sure that I felt Lily’s magic gradually weakening just now. Evidence that she went underground into a dungeon.

Well done, Lily!

“Then what should we do!?” (Selen)

“Selen! Go back to where Lily was at! Arianne will be there too! Be on standby one you arrive!” (Daichi)

“And Katsuragi-san!?” (Selen)

“I’m going to get Leadred! Since I’m faster!” (Daichi)

“Understood-!” (Selen)

Selen mustered the power stuffed into her small body and returned. Confirming that, I turned towards where Leadred was.

“Wind!” (Daichi)

I rushed towards the sky from the forest and began to find Leadred’s magic. Then, I found the owner of a strong magic that was moving at a speed which couldn’t be from a human.

“… There! Wind Burst!” (Daichi)

Similar to the magic from when I blew Arianne away, I pointed both hands below me at an angle. The vigorous wind erupted and indiscreetly carried me in the airflow.

I, who had become a human missile, closed the distance to Leadred with surprising speed. In front of me, I clearly saw the form of the red oni.

“Leadreeed!!” (Daichi)

“… Hm? Just now, did I hear Hero-sama’s voi-aaaah!?” (Leadred)

The girl who noticed my shout suddenly braked and turned to look over her shoulder. I spread my legs wide apart to regain my balance before landing.

“Wind!” (Daichi)

As I released a gale weaker than the burst from before and softened my fall, I landed without breaking a bone. I didn’t try to crouch to lower my center of gravity and to ease the friction. Of course I knew that I wouldn’t stop with just that.

“Leadred! Stop me!” (Daichi)

“Eh-ah-kay! I got it even though I don’t get it!” (Leadred)

The red oni that couldn’t cope with the absurd situation used her boastful strength to slow me, who wasn’t stopping, down.

“Earth Chain Binding!” (Daichi)

Additionally, I finished counteracting it at last by making a chain coil around my waist. Barely made it.

T-that was close…

“Th-thank you, Leadred.” (Daichi) [TN: Says in English (Katakana Sankyuu)]

“Y-yeah. It’s okay, but why did Hero-sama come here? Arianne also came… ah, don’t tell me…” (Leadred)

“Yeah, Lily found the entrance. We’re going there now.” (Daichi)

Telling Leadred the important information concisely, I didn’t give her any spare time to breathe and put her over my shoulders.

“Wai-, Hero-sama!? What are you doing!?” (Leadred)

“Although it’s bad to be rude, this is the best way! Every second is valuable!” (Daichi)

“I-if that’s it I get there myself!” (Leadred)

“No, since we’re flying there.” (Daichi)

“O-oi. What you said, just now, is that how Hero-sama arrived?” (Leadred)

The blood drained from Leadred’s face. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call her a blue oni now. Although I understand that it’ll be unpleasant for her, she can take it.

“I-it’s impossible! Because I… I don’t like heights!” (Leadred)

“When fighting you jump often enough.” (Daichi)

“T-that’s because I’m focusing on the fight and don’t worry about it!” (Leadred)

I smiled pleasantly at Leadred who was trying to escape from under my arm and gave her a thumbs up.

I pointed my empty hand directly below me, jumped, and simultaneously used magic.

“Wind Burst!” (Daichi)

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Leadred)

The moment we shot upwards, the scream of an oni rang into the sky.


After confirming where Arianne and Selen were by their magic, I perfected killed our force by using『Wind Burst』on the way before landing. There was almost no pain because I was prepared. Compared to when I die, it was nothing.

There’s no need to say that Leadred had completely lost consciousness. Carrying her on my shoulder is fine, and she’ll probably wake when she wants if there’s a fight anyways.

“Katsuragi-sama! I was waiting!” (Arianne)

“… Are you alright?” (Selen)

The two that arrived earlier worried about me.

“Yeah, I’m okay. More importantly tell me where the entrance is first. It’ll be troublesome if the people from Claria’s Religion find it.” (Daichi)

“Got it. Selen.” (Arianne)

“… This way.” (Selen)

Selen walked into a grassy area. Following behind her, I saw that there was a magic formation there.

“According to Lily-san it should be here… Katsuragi-san, do you see it?” (Selen)

Saying that, Selen asked me since she wasn’t a demon and couldn’t grasp its location.

“… I’m not sure. What should I do here?” (Daichi)

“I was told you should stand in the center and drop a drop of blood.” (Selen)

“Got it. As for Selen and Arianne, what do you do?” (Daichi)

Selen shook her head left and right at the question.

“… It seems that only demons can go inside. Therefore, I’ll go to Shuri-san.” (Selen)

“Got it. Then, that’s your order. Please tell Arianne as well.” (Daichi)

“… She’ll definitely want to show off her efforts twice with pleasure.” (Selen)

“If she’s capable of anything.” (Daichi)

“… She’ll do it, definitely. Please be careful as well, Katsuragi-san.” (Selen)

She smiled and returned the way she came from after sharing a light joke.

… Now then, I should try to do my best too, huh?

I drew my sword from its scabbard and injured my finger, dripping blood onto the magic formation.

The same was done for Leadred that had fainted.

“Uoo-!?” (Daichi)

A purple light sprung out from the geometric pattern, bathing my body in it. I closed my eyes to the dazzling light, lasting for a few minutes. When I noticed that the light wasn’t there anymore, there were none of the trees that grew in abundance but there was a savage stone wall and straight path.

We seem to have safely arrived to the place connected with the magic formation.

Then I should go along this… or something like that?

Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself and confirmed the situation. Coming from the path, I more felt Lily’s magic more strongly than on the surface. It seems that I don’t need to think about this any further.

“Leadred. Wake up please.” (Daichi)

I shook the body of Leadred who had been fainted for a long while. Repeating myself a few times, she opened her eyes and stood up vigorously.

“… Ooh-!? … Huh? I feel like I was flying in the sky just a moment ago… my imagination? Eh, this place it…” (Leadred)

“As you guessed, this is the cave where Messiah is sleeping. I found it while Leadred was having a bad dream. If you understand hurry up. We’ll be running so please follow.” (Daichi)

“Ah-, wait up!” (Leadred)

When I properly explained to the confused Leadred, I let out a small fireball to light up our surroundings and began running. When thinking that I was done running along the long straight path my field of view opened up, and a banquet hall was able to be seen. A scene that I couldn’t possibly think was in a cave filled my vision.

Plants grew in abundance all over on one side of the floor, here and there fruit trees stood. There was even a basin with a waterfall inside it. If I had to say, it embodied an image of paradise.

It was a scene drastically different from that of the surface. Even if you told me that I had slipped into another parallel world, I wouldn’t find it weird.

In the center of the fantastic world’s scene was something giving off an overwhelming presence, a transparent crystal.

And then, there was Lily with a strange man and woman next to her.

“Lily!” (Daichi)

“Hm? Oh, you came, Hero-sama.” (Lily)

When I called her, Lily turned around. The man and woman next to her both kneeled, lowering their heads.

… Seeing that, it seems they aren’t enemies.

It’s rude, but I passed them without speaking. No, it may be correct to say I was at a loss for words from what I saw.

“This is…” (Daichi)

The enormous black crystal rose. The reflected profoundly deep black light penetrated my body.

Within it was a young girl in a praying pose asleep.

Disheveled black hair. A wound on her modest snow white skin. A body like a child. Above all she had the appearance of one I clearly remembered. It could be said that was natural because she’s killed me many many times in my dreams since coming to this world.

I’m certain. There’s no doubt.

“This person is… Messiah.” (Daichi)

This girl was our, the demons’, Goddess.

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