Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (4-6)

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Story 4-6Outbreak of War

Red smoke rose in the west direction. Judging from the distance it was probably one area away.

“That’s where Miare is.” (Yuuma)

The battle from a moment ago—you could call it a one-sided trample—was over and Yuuma guessed.

“Was the entrance found, or… possibly, they may have been attacked by the adherents like we were.” (Yuuma)

“It’d be good to rush there.” (Selen)

All of the members agreed to Selen’s opinion.

“Selen! Get on my back!” (Lily)

“… Roger.” (Selen)

Selen was obedient towards Lily and understood that her speed would be a hindrance for them.

“Hold on tight! I’m going all out!” (Lily)

“’Kay.” (Selen)

The short answer was assumed to be the starting signal and the Shuraham couple kicked powerfully against the ground.

According to Selen, the two were like the wind.




“This is… the last one!!” (Daichi)

I threw my fist into the last adherent.

The bad feeling hit the mark and the underlings that worshiped Claria showed up where Miare was.

Though when I arrived it had almost entirely concluded.

“How’s it going, Yuina!” (Daichi)

“It’s no problem, since those ‘Claria, Claria’ guys are only noisy.” (Tamaki)

She pointed her finger towards a white robe that had been frozen in ice. In the next moment, Miare smashed it and definitely ended his life.

At the same time, voices came from behind the gaps in the forest.

“Sorry, did you wait!?” (Shuri)

“I’m sorry. Miare’s group! Did you have to wait!?” (Yuuma)

Two apologies reached our ears almost simultaneously. One was from Shuri, the other from Yuuma.

Neither groups had noticeable injuries.

Only, Selen’s face was pale and it looked like she might vomit at any moment. It was probably from fatigue, but I was anxious from the prediction.

I instructed Sajima to use magic to recover her, for now I’ll enjoy the reunion.

Well, it’s not like we would be defeated by a big gun from the start.

At any rate, since everyone gathered we decided to move to another place.

Lily took the lead and started to move as she knew the most information on this forest.

We’re moving to a faraway place anyhow.

That ran through my mind.

“… Phew, I wonder if it we’re safe after coming here?” (Shure)

Shuri sat on the ground and leaked that out. An air of relief spread, loosening the members’ tension.

“… That’s right. I’d wonder if we weren’t safe after coming this far. There’s no signs of pursuers from behind us.” (Miare)

Miare emphasized safety after serving as the rear guard and everyone sat down one by one.

Almost everyone was breathing heavily since their stamina was exhausted.

I saw that the demons were an exception to that and had promptly spread out a map, starting to plan our course of actions from here on out.

“Currently, we are here. And just a moment ago, there.” (Miare)

Miare used two fingers to point at two opposite directions.

“We only ran this far…” (Daichi)

Everyone was worn out. It wasn’t a short distance to run in that amount of time at least.

“Now then… let’s review our present state, Hero-sama.” (Lily)

“I see… For now, why don’t we check things?” (Daichi)

Our opponents were without a doubt from Claria’s instigation. According to Lily the religious group seemed to be called Claria’s Religion. They only had people with abnormal amounts of faith. I understood that from fighting them. They’re insane. Religious fanatics.

Next is personal belongings. Our food is overwhelmingly insufficient.

Let alone a day, we practically didn’t bring food and drink at all since our original goal was to search for a few hours. I’m a bit worried about escaping now.

It’s probably appropriate to think that we can’t go back to the town now. Then we have no choice but to return our recently purchased home.

“However, I wonder if our home is also occupied.” (Yuuma)

Yuuma said that if our activities in the Forest of the Demonic Dragon was known, it was better to think that those guys knew about the house.

Which means that we would have to come into contact with Claria’s adherents to be able to get food. It’s unpleasant that we can’t not raid the town. We don’t have enough people for it.

Either way, we should have a clear-cut attitude about having no choice but to cross swords with them.

“If it’s like this, we have to think that believers of Claria’s Religion besides those from Gandarosu, the royal family and the summoned heroes are also in the know.” (Yuuma)

“The entire world became our enemies huh…? The situation changed quickly.” (Daichi)

“This peaceful world completely changed. Ahahaha, as always, Hero-sama is interesting.” (Leadred)

“Now isn’t the time to be laughing, Leadred…” (Daichi)

“… Geez, Akina doesn’t change… So? What will Hero-sama do? War?” (Miare)

At Miare’s words, even Shuri and the others that were resting joined in.

A choice was given.

Before giving my answer, the pink hair girl that didn’t understand the situation let out a loud voice.

“P-please wait a moment!? Why is Katsuragi-sama being targeted!?” (Arianne)

“Ariane. Katsuragi-san and them are the Demon King and gang. You didn’t realize?” (Selen)

“Fue-!? D-Demon King!? What do you mean!?” (Ariane)

Arianne was like a foolish child compared to Selen who seemed as though she was vaguely aware of it. However, she digested the information quickly.

“Katsuragi-sama’s rank increased! Being employed by him, my future prospects are secure…! Oh, I am so glad I followed him!” (Arianne)

“… Pfft… Ahaha!” (Daichi)

I held my sides and laughed. The others seemed to be doing the same as well.

… At such a time, a fool like this is a blessing. From her comment… She doesn’t believe we’ll lose. She’s convinced that we’ll win.

“E-eh? Wh-what’s wrong? Everyone? Did I say something strange?” (Arianne)

“… No, I was just thinking Arianne-san was amazing.” (Shuri)

Shuri’s eyes were tearing up from laughing at Arianne’s response.

“Oh come on, Arianne-san took everything away!” (Tamaki)

Yuina clapped her back with a bang. Then, she turned her gaze towards me.

“Though continuing from a moment ago… Is Daichi going to fight against Claria? Against the world? … Although I said that, everyone is motivated, and full of a winning spirit right?” (Tamaki)

Twenty eyes’ gazes pierced through me. No one looked pessimistic, and everyone’s eyes were filled with a strong will. Even if Yuina didn’t say it, I understood.

I don’t need to worry at times like this. In any case, whether I killed the remaining heroes (classmates) fast or slow, the result would be the same. It was time to advance. It’s that simple.

Their eyes were filled with anticipation.

As the king, as the one in control, I cannot fail to live up to expectations.

After I inhaled deeply, I loudly declared.

“That’s good. If that’s how you feel about the opposition then do it with everything you have. We will take back the bright and glorious days where demons can live in peace! As the hero of demons, I promise it!” (Daichi)

I drew my sword, raising the shining blade to the sky.

“Lily! Leadred! You two will find the entrance to the Forest of the Demonic Dragon with me! Depending on the encounter, I don’t mind killing!” (Daichi)

With that instruction, the two battle freaks grinned, showing their fangs.

“Arianne! Selen! You guys each accompany Lily’s group. Support them with things like communication!” (Daichi)

Even if we haven’t been acquainted for long, the two nodded without muttering a single complaint.

“Shuri! Yuina! Fuuko! Sajima! Yuuma! You five recapture our home! Wipe out the enemy!” (Daichi)

I placed immense confidence on those dear three women and their close friend. I trusted the man that was abandoned by the goddess like me.

“Miare! You disturb the area using the demons that are here!” (Daichi)

She’s one of the Six Demon Generals and didn’t slow it down by giving a response.

“Then, gather home when you each complete your assignments! Return home at all costs!” (Daichi)


“From here on out, the humans and demons will fight—the『Human-Demon War』begins!” (Daichi)


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