Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan (4-5)

Story 4-5Break Through


As Daichi’s group ran through the forest, Claria adherents would suddenly fight them in various places. In one of them, the most intense battle was about to unfold in the area that Team Lily-Yuuma-Selen was responsible for.

Yuuma confronted Bishop Woam.

There was an overwhelming difference.

The presence of a Special Ability. By Rostalgia’s common sense, Yuuma that had not received Claria’s divine protection was at a disadvantage.

With arms outstretched, Woam laughed loudly.

“Kuhahaha! There’s no way a fiend like you could be a match for me, a bishop!” (Woam)

Woam spat out those words while glaring at Yuuma with an unseemly face.

“With flesh and blood, how could a fiend like you even win against me, who has received the goddess’ blessing!?” (Woam)

Having flesh and blood, in this case, meant that he had not received Claria’s divine protection. By the way, he also hadn’t received Messiah’s divine protection either.

He is a human being because in those days a special method was used on transferred people to prevent them from leaving and betraying Claria. This time, Yuina and Fuuko received Messiah’s blessing due to the mistake of Claria’s arrogance.

“… We won’t know without trying it out.” (Yuuma)

“Such nonsense! Oh, our Lord! Please entrust your power to this one to cut this sinful fiend down and punish him…!!” (Moan)

Woam began praying towards the heavens, ignoring Yuuma’s words.

『… Watching him is a bit like seeing Fantra…』 The person fighting him muttered.

However, the fact is that as mentioned earlier, Yuuma was at a disadvantage.

It was obvious—however, for those who knew his secret, it was a different story.

Lily Shuraham looked forward to the appearance of her husband fighting after such a long time. There was no anxiety on her face. She believed in him and did not doubt that Yuuma would win. Because she believed in him more than anything else.

“… Lily-san, is it okay? Not helping?” (Selen)

Although she prepared to fight, she stopped next to his wife, Lily, after seeing that she did not move. Lily was an unusual demon and did not repel the humans Arianne and Selen—rather, they didn’t mind and she had even left the rough impression of having a good personality on them.

“Oh, just take a look. He’ll win without even using magic.” (Lily)

“Eh, without magic? What do—“ (Selen)

Selen was suddenly cut off by the resounding sound of an explosion. She hurriedly looked the two.

Yuuma wore a self-satisfied look as he saw the bishop’s unmoving and shocked face.

“… Why!? My magic!? Was it offset!?” (Woam)

“Isn’t it because you are weak?” (Yuuma)

“—!? Don’t get carried away, you damn fiend!“ (Woam)

Woam took the disguise off of his tone, jumped high into the sky using wind magic, then opened the scripture.

“We have received more from Claria-sama, the great King-class magic! King of the ground! Shoot down your natural enemy that flutters through the air! Meteor Shower!” (Woam)

Dozens of rocks rained down incessantly.

Although the amount was surprising, Yuuma displayed his superhuman skill.

“… Still so shoddy.” (Yuuma)

He was walking. Using the gaps between the falling rocks, he used the minimal effort to gracefully walk through them.

Selen rubbed her eyes, doubting them.

However, the scene was still the same.

“Normally, you don’t have enough magic to handle a King-class magic. You could only use it to that level at best with the help of that book’s power.” (Yuuma)

He pulverized a rock in front of him with his fist without chanting.

“Therefore, these are much too brittle.” (Yuuma)

“Wha-…!?” (Woam)

Woam’s mouth was agape. Lily laughed at how comical it was. Although Selen stood next to Lily, she had doubted her.

As far as the fight between the bishop and Yuuma was concerned, this was the first time an event like this was displayed in front of her.

After all, just look at it.

It was broken. The rock created by magic was taken on bare-handed.

She couldn’t understand these two people that broke common sense.

Accordingly, she remembered that their owner was an influential person that overwhelmed the hero, and came to the conclusion that everyone was probably enormously strong.

“Damn… it! What did you do!?” (Woam)

“As you saw, I merely punched it.” (Yuuma)

“What kind of reason is that!? That can’t be!? It was King-class!?” (Woam)

Woam was in a disturbed state. Even his strongest magic was easily destroyed by that guy.

It was the same as Yuuma speaking ill of Claria’s strength.

With his emotions swallowing his thoughts, Woam was no longer able to think correctly.

“Since your King-class magic is not effective, your loss has been decided. You should quietly resign.” (Yuuma)

“What kind of joke is that!? Again! Let’s see you try and undo it this time!” (Woam)

Woam rose into the sky and prepared to shoot his magic. However, this time was a little different than the one from before, and he had continued to stay in the air without firing off the rocks. The number continued to increase.

Yuuma guessed that Woam was trying to finish the fight in one go, and decided to use the technique he was most skilled at.

“Well, let me show you something more interesting.” (Yuuma)

Yuuma drew his fist to his side, exhaling deeply. Magic gathered on his fist.

Then, Yuuma’s skill began to shine red light.

“… …—!“ (Woam)

Woam shed cold sweat from seeing the amount of magic coming from the heretic in front of him. He shook his head to drive away his sudden bad premonition.

For him, the power of the goddess Claria was absolute.

“I won’t be defeateeeed!! Face our goddess’ judgement, you unholy soul!!” (Woam)

The scattered rocks eroded into each other and formed an enormous meteorite. It’s didn’t only cover Yuuma, but extended to the surroundings including where Lily’s group had been watching intently. Its shadow projected across the ground.

He won’t be able to stop it if it’s like this!

The confident Woam waved down his hand from overhead.

“Meteor Strike!!” (Woam)

Deprived of its control, it began to fall towards Yuuma and the others in a straight line. At this rate it would crush them.

Yuuma also raised his voice to oppose it.

“Haaaaaah!!” (Yuuma)

Yuuma cannot use magic.

Even if there was magic, he became an ordinary person from another world when he lost Claria’s divine protection. Any ordinary person could generally use magic in Rostalgia.

He wasn’t part of the norm.

He must have been frustrated and felt hopeless for the future.

However, he was not depressed. Since there was a person he wanted to defend. He had a beloved woman who encouraged him and smiled at his side.

It was no use even if it was asking for too much. Accordingly, he learned earnestly.

He even went through the Six Demon General’s deadly training.
And it culminated into—

“Break Through!!” (Yuuma) [TN: The kanji for this, ‘魔殺弾’, is something along the lines of ‘Magic Killing Bullet’.]

—this『Break Through』.

This is magic, and not magic.

It is just a mass of pure magic.

Therefore, the power is dependent on the amount of magic. So, Yuuma poured all of his own magic into this one blow.

A plain and simple contest of strength against Woam.

A genuine skill built on hard work clashed head on against the given counterfeit.

Which won?

The answer was simple and could be seen by anyone.

“M-my magic is-gahhh!?” (Woam)

The meteorite was outmatched by『Break Through』and was annihilated, and furthermore the huge amount of magic aimed at the caster behind it.

Worm turned the pages of the scripture hurriedly, sending words and wishes to the beautiful goddess he worshiped.

If it’s Claria-sama, she will definitely help!

If it’s Claria-sama, she will definitely save me, who has faith in her!!

The bishop clung to his eccentric faith until the end.
However, the goddess did not answer his prayers.

“N-no way-!? Why did something like that happe—!?” (Woam)

Woam’s voice was interrupted in the middle of his words. Since his upper body was gone from the magic.

Swallowed up by the power, the Bishop was easily and all too quickly consigned to oblivion by the heretic.

And then, the three saw red smoke rising into the sky immediately after the situation ended.


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  1. this is such a wonderful story that pulls at my heartstrings thank you for translating it. Oh Great Champion of Messiah!

  2. DaMaki church followers, cardinals, bishops and pontiffs like Yuuma-san and Lily-san are just one of the many Deity-level (Coiling Dragon lels ) expert that our Radiant DaMaki Church has! Now, blasphemers, tremble before our immeasurable power, mortal fools!!! Witness Daichi-sama and co. overwhelm you, and rape Claria! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    – An excerpt from ” How to Rape a Goddess ” by the Holy Pope Hendricksen ( Birth: 1754 Death: ? ) of the Radiant DaMaki church.

    1. Oi oi, Hendricksen. Even if it was Claria or Bitch from Shieldbro, rape isnt something the DaMaki Church supports, you know? Yuina-sama is female so the mere mention of that word, which represents the ultimate crime against women, has been declared taboo, you know? Its pretty much sacrilegious to say it, you know? This is one of the reasons why there was a rebellion against you awhile ago, you know?

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        Do you know why you aren’t part of this plan? Because you’ve done nothing to deserve this oh so wonderful reward from Yuina-sama. She says if you’re able to chow down a million cupcakes a second, then you could partake in the reward.

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        1. Heh if you really wanna do a side story im up for it. What do you have in mind? I was thinking we could have not just the founding of the church, but your own backstory. Since your our pope. Would it be set in the future so we got more to work with and history to create, or alongside the main story’s time-line so we could reference things the characters are doing and have it affect the side-story’s events?

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  3. >>ウォームはその醜い相貌で佑真を睨むと吐き捨てるように言う。
    >>Woam spat out those words as he glared at Yuuma’s unsightly features.
    More like “Woam spits outs those words while glaring at Yuuma with a ugly/unseemly face”

    >>“With flesh and blood, what kind of power could a fiend like you even have to win against me, who has received the goddess’ blessing!?” (Woam)
    Middle part is a bit wrong. He’s saying how can some demon/devil who holds no power and only have flesh and blood win against him who received his goddess’ blessings. So he’s not asking about some power. It’s merely an insult.

    >>Having flesh and blood, in this case, meant that he had not received Claria’s divine protection. By the way, he also hadn’t received Messiah’s divine protection either.

    >>He is a human being because in those days a special method was used on transferred people to prevent them from leaving and betraying Claria. This time, Yuina and Fuuko received Messiah’s blessing due to the mistake of Claria’s arrogance. [TL: Not sure how having the blessing makes them not have flesh and blood. ‘生身’ is the kanji used, might be missing its point? I’ll just roll with it for now…]
    The paragraph about explains it though. ‘生身’ in this case, means just a normal body, no blessings of any sort that helps modifier their stats. Yuuma just has a regular body. He just trained real hard.

    >>力に呑まれた司教はいとも簡単に異端者によって呆気なく、この世から葬られた。[TN: This is wrong… words are missing. (>’.’)>]
    >>The bishop was easily overwhelmed by the power, and was buried from this world.
    “The Bishop swallowed up in power was easily all too quickly buried(consigned to oblivion) by the heretic.”
    Kinda hard to translate this right yet try to keep the sentence flow and feeling.

  4. Danm. A mass of pure magic energy used by a guy who cant use magic? Was Yuuma the MC of his own series before?

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  6. good was actually evil and evil seems to be the good one xD
    a quote from doflamingo
    “Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what’s wrong and what’s right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!”

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